BDR-2208 - Question about included software for BDXL support

I contacted Pioneer Canada and they told me that they do not make the LG blu-ray writers for computers, that is done at Pioneer USA. The Pioneer Canada rep tried to answer my questions by looking at their data sheets.

The Canadian LG rep told me that at the current time an OEM version is not available, only the BDR-2208 is available to be purchased if wanting BDXL support which comes with included software. They said that maybe the reason an OEM version is not available is because the BDR-2208 supports BDXL and perhaps that BDXL supported blu-ray writers need special software to work with it where as the non BDXL blu-ray writers can use the mainstream wide marketed software available. He said maybe the BDR-2208 would not be able to be used fully without the software that comes with it so maybe that is why it is not sold as OEM (without the software). He was not certain. Does anyone know if what he was saying is true about the software being special for the BDXL feature? I am wondering if purchasing this in order to use the full BDXL (dual, triple & quad layer) feature a user would only at the present time be able to use the included software and not other brands of software?

Well, I mean, you can definitely order the BDR-208M or BDR-208E (or whatever other variants support BDXL) without software. And you can definitely purchase software after the fact that acknowledges BDXL media. And ideally any popular software doesn’t care about how many layers the disc has. So…this isn’t really a problem. Just make sure the hardware supports it.

Thanks for the response, but I am not sure what you mean Albert when you say make sure that the hardware supports it. Are you referring to the software being compatible with that brand and model of blu-ray writer?

No. I mean only that you get a model of BDRE drive that supports BDXL. In general, any software that supports BDRE drives should support every BDRE drive.