BDR-208D vs. BDR-2208 package, crossflash



Sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn’t find it using custom searches in the forum. I’m putting together a HTPC, and I’ve settled on an integrated BR solution (cognizant of the potential pitfalls here…). I’d like to burn / rip BR media with a single drive. Trolling the info here, it looks like the Pioneer BDR-208 series drives are a good balance of quality and cost.

Ok, so my questions are these.

  1. From the US Pioneer website, it appears that the BDR-208D does NOT support BDXL, while the BDR-2208 does. This is confusing because the drive that comes in the BDR-2208 is listed as a BDR-208U, except with a different nameplate and some bundled software (source). So, is this correct? Does the BDR-208D not support BDXL, while BDR-208U does?

addendum: found my answer

  1. Since the BDR-208D doesn’t support BDXL, have there been successful reports of crossflashing the BDR-208D to the 208U model? Are the differences in these models documented more clearly than just in the above post? From that post, it’s stated they’re identitical in terms of HW and FW, but I find that hard to believe if one supports BDXL and another doesn’t.

Thanks for reading that. I’m a longtime lurker and I appreciate what the community is doing here!


Hardware is not guaranteed to be identical, and I do not believe it is possible to crossflash a drive to enable BDXL support. Both the firmware and kernel must be available, and as far as I know, neither is available for the desired drive.


Ok, thanks.

Do you have any comments or feedback based on the drives I’m looking at? I’m leaning towards the BDR-2208 at the moment, but if there’s a better manufacturer or model for a relatively inexpensive all-purpose (read/rip/write) BR drive, I’d like to know.