BDR-207DBK firmware 1.30

Be very careful with this update. I flashed my 207DBK with it and now 12X writes are a thing of the past. This drive wrote 12X media beautifully with firmware 1.21. Flash to 1.30 and drive gets as fast as 9X before the curve falls apart and drops to 4X for the remainder of the burn. That was with Verbatim 6X media. If I burn TDK (Smart Blu) media at 10X, the burn sustains 10X but takes much longer than it used to. Once the drive hits 10x write, the usual “flat” line 10X now looks like peaks and valleys. I think that firmware 1.30 is questionable. No way to reflash 1.21. Now, my older BDR-205 blows this drive away. Oh well…lesson learned…if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it…

You have completely powered down the drive after flashing?

[QUOTE=deanwitty;2662260]You have completely powered down the drive after flashing?[/QUOTE]

Always do. Total shut down…The drive has always been a bit finicky, but this pretty much put it over the top. Used to do beautiful 12X burns…now gets to 9X and drops through the floor. Even the 10X burns looking bad. Oh well…gonna wait and replace with a 2208 when they come out. My BDR-205 can’t burn at 12X but still does great burns at 10X. Pioneer’s firmware is ???

…optimized in a way.

I forsee a new firmware soon. :wink:

Oddly enough. After sitting for a few days, the drive seems back to normal…Interesting…Perhaps it had to just settle in. Keeping an eye on things…

So now it v1.30 burns ok at 12x?
Might have just been some bad discs then.

I find the Verbatim 6X discs very finicky! The 4X were stable and burned excellent quality at 10X. The 6X are hit or miss…consistently

Verbatim 6x is strange. I was able only with Sony BWU-500S 2.63 to burn at very good quality. Pioneer BDR-205 and 207M were not able to do such good burns. I burnt the discs at only 6x, with BWU-500S and both Pioneer. I have fresh Panasonic BD-R 6x. Can’t wait to see how superior those disc are !

i just got a pioneer 207DBK which came with 1.21 firmware.

is the recommendation to not upgrade to 1.30 and to wait for a newer one?


I am also interested in knowing which firmware is the best one?

Since 1.30 version add these:
"Improvement of the recording quality with BD-R/RE
Improvement of the recording quality with DVD+RW
Improvement of the recording quality with CD-R/RW "

I would recommend to update the firmware. Of course, you must have a stable system. All drivers, all hardware to work as it should. If you know that you have system problems maybe is not a good idea to flash it since you cannot be sure how the process will evolve. Be sure not to have the system shut down while flashing, and close all other applications. Do not have a disc inside. And I think you won’t have any problems.
On the other side, it the flasher refuse to flash that can mean that you may have a defect unit, and it’s better to see this know and not later when you will be out of warranty period.
You decide.