BDR-206DBK Replacement


Dear All,

I have been the owner of a BDR-206DBK since 2011. The drive is still working well however I would like to replace it with a newer Pioneer model.

Can you please suggest a newer and better drive I think it’s either the 209DBK/EBK or the S09 but I cannot understand which is the better model.

Thanks for your help in advance,


Pioneer BDR-209DBK (BDR-209D) is the basic burner in the lineup without BDXL support.

Pioneer BDR-209EBK/UBK/2209 is the same drive (BDR-209M) but it has different name on the packaging depending on the market and software included. BDR-209M supports BDXL standard - it can read and write triple layer media, for now it can only read quad layer media (no FW support fo QL media yet). You can check media support list on the link:

Pioneer BDR-S09 is premium burner for the Japanese market, most likely based around 209M model, with advanced FW features for audio CD ripping. I have no personal experience with that one.

None of the drives support UHD playback.


Dear nixa_mk,

Thanks for all the information I have concluded by placing an order for the model BDR-S09XLT.

I liked the exterior and also think it has most of the features I want at the moment. I just needed a burner with slightly higher burning speeds.

Thanks once more for ur kind help! :slight_smile: