BDR-205BKRP reading disc issues



Hi there

I purchased one of these drives 8 weeks ago and have successfully burnt over 100 shintaro +R DL discs aswell as around 20 melody BD25’s…

About a week ago I noticed that every now and then when a new blank DVD was inserted it would take much longer to recognize…

It’s gotten progressively worse to the point where inserting almost any type of disc results in failure to recognize it. (‘Incompatible medium’ in imgburn…) There is also a small noise that comes from inside the drive when it’s trying to read the disc…

The only way I can remedy this is to first insert a CD… once the CD is recognized (sometimes not straight away) it will pick up any DVD/BD fine… after 4 or 5 discs it goes back to not recognizing them anymore and I have to put a CD in again… o_0

I have another pioneer burner installed aswell which has no problems reading discs at all…

Any ideas? seems to me the drive is dying - it’s only had 8 weeks of use!



oh forget to mention I have the latest FW…


“only 8 weeks” doesnt count, you already used it heavily …100 DVD9 and 20 BDs at least, and that was CRAP media.

Try with pressed DVDs first.


thanks for the response.

yes the drive will fail to read any kind of dvd or bd including pressed media, retail movies etc… however as soon as I insert a CD it’s good for say another 10 dvd’s - then it’s back going “funky” again, so I have to insert another CD and repeat…

I know the media is crap… however I’ve never had a failed a burn and every disc verifies ok.
Is it really possible that burning these DL discs is killing the drive?


Heavy usage and overhaeting can harm such a drive, thats for sure.
The media itself is not the problem in this case, its just a problem in case of data integrity.

Yoiu may quality scan those burned discs. Verify alone is no data integrity check. :wink:


Cool thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yes the drive certainly has been heavily used :stuck_out_tongue:
Also it’s been VERY hot here for the past few months… 32-38 C on average…
It’s a good thing I still have warranty on this drive…


With the heat also dust appears.

Maybe its already time to clean the drive lens. :wink: