BDP BX2 player not reading BD-R DL

Purchased 3 Verbatim BD-R DL discs to experiment with. After recording 2 discs, using imgburn (& instructions), they won’t play on my Sony BDP-BX2. They play great on my (PC) internal recorder and another internal BD player. Verbatim BD-R discs do play, without incident. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version.

Anyone have any luck with this combination? If so, what kind of setup? Thanks.

rrnut, moving your thread to the ‘Blu-ray Hardware, Software and Media’ forum. :slight_smile:

Okay this sounds like your Sony has a problem, as long as you burned correctly. Check the Link below I had the same problem with a Panasonic BD35, bought a new BD60 problem gone. ALC