BDBoom, anyone know this software?



Looks like there is a new Blu-ray player out, called BDBoom:

I’ve seen a post at, but no one there seems to know much about them. The software is not free, but there is a 30 day trial available. From a discussion at Vhelp, the player does not support Blu-ray menus.

This isn’t just a player though. From the description, the software has decryption and ripping capability as well, since it can save files locally or make an ISO from the Blu-ray.

It is compatible for Mac and Windows, though the decryption and ripping options are for Windows only at the moment, soon to be extended to Macs.


yes, i just use the bdboom on my windows computer.


I have to confess I haven’t come across this one yet Kerry.

Alan may have played around with it a bit, as he’s always testing stuff like this, but I’m not sure.