BD Rebuilder

I am trying to make a full backup of my Blu-ray disk of “Hitchcock” to a DVD 5 or a DVD 9 using BD Rebuilder and have failed at both.

I am using Windows XP, Service Pack 3.

I am using Verbatim DVD-R and Verbatim DVD +R DL media.

I have verified that FFDSHOW Video Decoder Configuration for MPEG2 decoding is enabled and uses libmpeg2.

I have Windows Media Player 11 installed.

I ripped the disc using AnyDVD Ripper to “Rip Video DVD to Harddisk”.

In BD-RB Settings>Setup, under Video Encoding Options I have checked “Use DECOMB filter on interlaced sources” and under General Encoding Options I have checked “IVTC sources with 3:2 pulldown”.

I used ImgBurn, “Write files/folders to disc” and selected the Hitchcock folder as source. I did not include the “Working” files folder that was included when I ripped the disk using Any DVD Ripper. If I include “Working” file, I cannot fit all on a DVD -R or a DVD +R DL. I don’t know if I need it.

When I click the calculator button in ImgBurn, I do not get a message that says, “Your image contains a ‘BDMV’ folder in the root directory so I’m going to assume it’s a Blu-ray disc.”

I selected a write speed of 2x.

Under Options in ImgBurn, the file system selected is UDF.

After selecting the “Burn” button, the pop-up confirms the Content Type is BD Video.

I am using an LG DVD-RW drive to burn the disk. I also have a Samsung Blu-Ray RW. Should I be burning in a Blu-ray drive instead?

I do not understand why each burned disk is unplayable.

First off, I’m going to assume that you are using the latest version of BD Rebuilder, which is 0.46.14. When you click on Help within BD Rebuilder, and then click on Inspect, do you see any errors? All the auxiliary programs should say “ok”.

Are you trying to make a Blu-ray backup (or AVCHD) or are you trying to make DVD-video? If you are making a BD-5 or BD-9, you should have a check mark in the box in Setttings for “Strict AVCHD for BD5/9 Movie Only”. It is possible to do this process without this setting, but you’ll generally have better compatibility when going to AVCHD. This changes some of the encoding parameters, and is more restrictive on types of audio that can be used.

If you are not using this setting, make certain to cut back on bitrate of the audio…don’t try to keep the HD audio stream intact, as it will take too much room.

You do not need the Working Folder in your burned disc.

UDF should be set to UDF 2.5 in ImgBurn.

Where are you trying to play the discs? Not all stand alone Blu-ray players will playback Blu-ray or AVCHD video on burned DVD media. Will they play on the computer using VLC media player?

Thank you for your response.

The Blu-ray back-up to the DVD-R will play using VLC, but I cannot get a “Menu” to select extras. The Playback defaults to the main movie. I did select “Full Backup” when I ran BD Rebuilder.

The disc will not play using PowerDVD 10 that was the Blu-ray player software included with my Samsung Blu-ray RW drive.

If I use a Verbtim Blu-ray blank disc to make a backup of the full disc, will the backup function as the original in any Blu-ray player?

Thanks again for your advice.

VLC will not play Blu-ray menus. So it goes straight to the main movie.

PowerDVD should have played it however. Perhaps you could try the latest version of PowerDVD, which is 13 I believe. Or you could download the trial for Arcsoft TMT 6 and see if it will work.

I don’t advise doing full backups to DVD media. You are using a fair amount of room with the menus and extras that could be applied to better quality in the main movie itself.

I always make main movie backups, but if I were going to keep the menus and extras, I’d make a version that would fit on a blank 25gb Blu-ray disc instead. But that is just my own preference.

As I said before, not all Blu-ray hardware players will play Blu-ray format when it is on a burned DVD. This is a limitation of the hardware, not a problem with the output from BD Rebuilder or a failing of the media. Using Verbatim discs is not a bad idea, but will not, in itself, cause the hardware to suddenly realize that you are trying to play Blu-ray format from a DVD.

I will try these suggestions before posting again.

I appreciate your help and advice. Thank you.

I agree with Kerry56, I do not need a backup of menu’s and trailers and stuff, I am backing up the movie so I can watch it, if I want the special effects I will watch the original DVD, Just my opinion