BD Rebuilder problems backing up

Hello, Ive been backing up my Blu Rays with BD-RB. However, with two discs I have ran into a problem, in which I get some scrambled images. I registered on the authors support forum, but need to wait the 5 days until I can post.

I thought I might try this forum to see if anyone has seen this or has an idea of what it might be. Ive googled, but searching for scrambled video leads me to problems that arent necessarily related to the issues I am having.

As far as my setup, my logs are all OK, have the correct codecs installed, do not have codecs which may conflict with the software installed which could cause problems.

I have backed up numerous discs and have encountered this problem twice so far, once with Frozen, and with Expendables 2. Thanks for any help or advice.

EDIT: I dont have the post count to upload a pic, so I put it on tinypick and posting the link of what it looks like.


It looks like you’ve set BD Rebuilder to output to an mkv file, looking at the picture. I have a few questions.

What resolution are you using and what file size did you get?

What did you use for decryption of the movie?

Do you see the same distortion in different media players? Try playing the file with something else other than MPC-BE. Potplayer or VLC come to mind. This is just to insure that the error is in the output file, rather than the playback software.

While I’m a big fan of BD Rebuilder, it would not be my first choice when converting to mkv. I’d use Vidcoder, or if I’m really feeling masochistic, MeGUI.

Oh and one other question, are you playing straight from a file on the hard drive, or is this burned to a disc?

Hello Kerry56, I initially followed your guide a while back to set this up, thanks for putting it up and replying.

I use Anydvd HD to decrypt and rip .iso files, store those on my backup HDD. I then mount the .iso still on my computer with virtualClone Drive I have the latest version of anydvd, and I have re-ripped the BD several times to ensure that it wasn’t a bad rip. When I mount the .iso, I watch with MPC-HC (x86), MPC-BE-x64, VLC and the scrambled versions do not exist on the .iso file.

But I just checked the .iso with VLC, as I normally stick to the MPC HC, and when I skip to different areas, it takes a few seconds for the video rendering to catch up, and the screen looks for a second like the scrambled video in the reencoded version. So thats interesting, and maybe my system is sleeping, but my processor is more than capable enough, maybe this could be a Haali splitter issue?

I have used different settings to back it up. But generally I’m shrinking it to 720, I’ll post my log file.

I’ve used handbrake, vidcoder and ripbot previously, but I like the simplicity of BD-RB, and most of my re-encodes have turned out really well, which is the reason I kept on using BD-RB.

One of my log files. Thanks again for helping out.

Frozen.txt (4.81 KB)

Frozen_INF.txt (1.75 KB)

Frozen.txt (4.81 KB)

Frozen_INF.txt (1.75 KB)

I think the problem is the original structure of the Blu-ray, in this case we’re looking at [I]Frozen[/I]. This movie uses seamless branching, which has been a problem for BD Rebuilder occasionally.

I might try running the movie through ClownBD first, to obtain a version of the Blu-ray movie with only one main m2ts file. Then try re-encoding to an mkv.

I don’t know for certain which mpls to use in ClownBD, but I think it is 00800.


Thanks again. I will give this a shot and reply back so if someone searches for this later maybe it can help. Searching for seamless branching, I see other problems, but no one posting exactly this, so perhaps it will help someone out, depending on what I find out. My guess is that you’re probably right.

Thanks again Kerry56, as a conclusion for this, you were 100% dead on. Running it through Clown_BD first to get either the Blu Ray file structure or Blu Ray iso, then shrinking it with BDRB completely fixed the issue.

Do you think this is enough of a but that I should report it over on the BD Rebuilder support forums? I haven’t had a lot of time to spend looking into why this particular issue occurs with seamless branching, but when I have some free time I plan on looking into it. I get that it is likely an issue of how the disc maker is making the movie to possibly make backing up said discs more difficult, I’m just not sure if anything can be done about it.

For both the backed up movies, the first playlist offered was the correct one that my ripping program said was the correct one, so there wasn’t too much involved in figuring out which playlist it was. I have had to watch different playlist before to make sure I had the right one, and that’s really annoying.

Thanks again for the guide and the help.

Glad to hear that you have it sorted out. As for reporting the bug, that’s up to you. I’m sure Jdobbs is aware of the occasional glitch with seamless branching movies. The way he has it set up, the program encodes each m2ts file separately, then he joins them. And of course, each little section of audio has to be demuxed, re-encoded, then muxed back in later too.

When it goes well, you never notice the process. When it doesn’t, there isn’t anything you can do within the program to fix it.