BD Rebuilder - Interlaced Input != Interlaced Output

Okay, so everything I’ve read says that if I feed 1080i content into BD Rebuilder (0.37.3) I will get 1080i content out (assuming it’s not set to deinterlace). I haven’t found this to be true.

I have a 1080i BD of a concert that is immune to IVTC and the like. So, I wanted to just leave it alone and get 1080i output.

BD Rebuilder shows it’s 1080i on the source.

I have BD Rebuilder set like this:

Here’s what I see when I open the output up in BD Rebuilder:

Note it says 29.97p! :doh: I should also point out the resulting disc plays back as a progressive disc full of visible interlacing (which is how I noticed this problem).

I looked at the .AVS file used to the video file and it’s definitely not de-interlacing or doing any sort of conversion.

#Created by BD Rebuilder - v0.37.03 (beta)
DirectshowSource(“E:\BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts”, fps=29.97, framecount=225060, audio=false)

I saved all the intermediate working files. Is there a way I can tell if x264 was set to do a progressive encode rather than an interlaced encode, or if the content is simply misflagged during the rebuild process?