BD-Rebuilder guide

BD Rebuilder guide

Introduction: Backing up Blu-ray disks using BD Rebuilder. Current version 0.45.03 Beta (November 9, 2013)

Welcome to the revised guide for BD Rebuilder. The original guide found in these forums was made in June of 2010, but this program has grown in capabilities to such a degree that I felt a new version of the guide was necessary. BD Rebuilder was originally devised to compress large Blu-ray movies to fit onto 25gb blank discs, but it has become much more versatile, and can now accept many different types of video and it will output to AVCHD, DVD, MKV, and MP4 as well as Blu-ray video format.

The first thing you should be aware of is the fact that BD Rebuilder does not decrypt any type of media. You must decrypt commercial DVD or Blu-ray movies before importing them into this program.

The author of the program is jdobbs, a moderator at the forums. He is also the author of DVD Rebuilder, a similar program that only works with DVD-Video.

  1. You should download BD Rebuilder from this location: The first post in that thread is updated periodically as new versions are released. There is quite a lot of pertinent information in that first post, so read through it carefully.

The program is still in beta, but don’t let that put you off, as the author doesn’t seem interested in releasing a “final” edition. Improved versions appear quite often. In order to help development of the program, jdobbs has chosen to limit the amount of time each version can be used. This greatly reduces bug reports from problems that have already been fixed. If your version of the program ever fails to start and tells you that it has expired, just go to this download page and get the newest version. Edit: Jdobbs has changed this and your version will not expire, but it is still recommended to update when new versions are released.

  1. BD Rebuilder relies on several other free programs which must be installed as well. They are FFDSHOW, Matroska Splitter and AviSynth. You should install the versions of these programs that are available through the links at the BD Rebuilder site, as BD Rebuilder is set up to work only with these particular versions.

After installing FFDSHOW, run the Video Decoder Configuration for FFDSHOW from the START/Programs menu, click on Codecs, and make sure MPEG2 decoding is enabled and uses libmpeg2. Look at the setting for H264/AVC also while you are there and make sure Libavcodec is selected as the decoder.

Jdobbs keeps on changing and improving the program, and now has it compatible with LAV filters. You should only use the LAV filters available at the BD Rebuilder page at Doom9. And if you use both FFDSHOW/Haali and the LAV filters, you should install FFDSHOW and Haali first.

  1. If you are using Windows XP, you should download and install WMV11, which is included in Windows Media Player 11 for XP. The media player download is here: Once you have that installed, go into the FFDSHOW Video Decoder Configuration again, and set VC1 decoding in FFDSHOW to disabled, thus enabling the WMV11 codec.

If you are using Vista, Win7, Win 8 or 8.1, FFDSHOW Video Decoder Configuration should be set to WMV9 for VC1 decoding.

Once you’ve downloaded BD Rebuilder and installed the auxiliary programs, you need to unzip the download. The program does not install into your Programs list, it simply works in whichever folder you place it. Open the containing folder and you will see several files, including the BD Rebuilder executable file and another one called Inspect.exe. Double click on Inspect.exe and hit the button that says Inspect. This will look for any problems in your installation of the helper programs. (As of February 3, 2014, Jdobbs has stopped including the Inspect.exe in the package with BD Rebuilder. The same function can now be found in the Help section of BD Rebuilder. Click on Help–>Show Settings (Inspect) to check the installation of the auxiliary programs)

At this point, you should be ready to start using the program.

Windows 7, 8 & Windows 10 Users: The first time (and only the first time) you run BD Rebuilder, you may have to Run As Administrator. This is necessary so BD Rebuilder can make codec preference changes in the Windows Registry.

Additional notes:

If you are working with commercial Blu Ray movies, I suggest either AnyDVD HD or DVDFab to decrypt them. One other good decryption program is MakeMKV, which can decrypt Blu-ray to MKV format or as files using the Backup mode. MakeMKV is free to use while in beta, and has been in beta for several years now.

BD Rebuilder can make use of a burning program called ImgBurn, which is highly recommended for burning both DVD and Blu-ray media. It is free to use and can be downloaded here:

When working with Blu-ray video, you should always rip the movie from the disc to the hard drive before trying to compress it with BD Rebuilder. It will save time and reduce wear on your Blu-ray drive. You should, if possible, use two separate physical hard drives (not just partitions on one drive). Use one hard drive as your source, the second as your target. Compressing high definition video is one of the most demanding chores you can do with a home computer. The speed of your CPU and the number of cores available in the CPU will drastically affect the time it takes for this process. The X264 video encoder used in BD Rebuilder can make use of multiple cores, but even with a modern system, you should expect hours of encoding time.

Thanks for this:clap: I have used it a few times and once I got everything the way I and it wanted it works nicely and using Image Burn afterwords is pretty much automatic so everything works together and you don’t have to worry about extra settings usually.

That’s a through guide which should simplify things considerably for new users. Nice job!

Thanks for this Kerry. One question,
if you choose the Only Movie operation and the file output is larger than 25gigs, is there any way of keeping the original movie without BD-Rebuilder shrinkin’ it?
I mean if the original movie only is 28gigs and I wanna keep it that way, can I do it that with BD-Rebuilder or it will shrink it down anyways?

No, BD-Rebuilder is designed to compress the output. You might be able to set the custom size to 28gb and use that as the target, but I have never tried this.

It might be simpler to use ClownBD to select the parts you want to keep and output as Blu ray structure.

Edit: By the way, if the main movie size is already [B]under[/B] the target size, no compression will be applied to the movie by BD Rebuilder. But that is the opposite of your situation seven8.

Thank you very much Kerry. The reason I asked is that I want, if possible, to get the movie as is with all audio and specific subs so I can afterwards convert them to mkv files (uncompressed) and be able to play on my TV set from an external HD (doesn’t playback m2ts files). I tried but with no luck up to now :slight_smile: since I can’t get the subtitles to be screened and sometimes the mkv is with no sound :slight_smile:
I use tsmuxeR and mkvmerge for these jobs. I need a lot of reading and practice I guess. Take care!

[QUOTE=seven8;2533214]Thank you very much Kerry. The reason I asked is that I want, if possible, to get the movie as is with all audio and specific subs so I can afterwards convert them to mkv files (uncompressed) and be able to play on my TV set from an external HD (doesn’t playback m2ts files). I tried but with no luck up to now :slight_smile: since I can’t get the subtitles to be screened and sometimes the mkv is with no sound :slight_smile:
I use tsmuxeR and mkvmerge for these jobs. I need a lot of reading and practice I guess. Take care![/QUOTE]I realize I’m 14.5 months late, but for anyone else looking to do this. If you want to strip the disc ending up only with just the movie + audio + subs and no re-compression use Clown BD.

For some strange reason a BDR exe file does not appear on the latest download. Had this working fine till a systems problem caused me to restore the operating system and reload BD Rebuilder. I get the not installed correctly message cited but as I cant see the exe file cannot run as administrator. Any suggestions?

I have no issues with the latest version, which is 0.40.08 beta.

If you want to try an alternative download site, look here:

Click on the link that says [I]Download from our site (direct link)[/I]

Thanks Kerry, It turned out to be virus protection that came with my new operating system refresh. Turned it off and the exe files appeared. However, even though I stard BDR as an administrator and that it verifies that the windows settings have been fixed the application fails with the embedded message that the Windows 7 settins are incorrect. Any suggestions?

If the registry settings for BD Rebuilder are incorrect, the program will ask to correct this for you. You should say yes when it asks to do this.

If it is still failing after that, you have a big problem, one that is not normally seen. You’ll probably need to speak to the author directly at the doom9 forum. They have a waiting period after joining the site which is very annoying when you want to ask a question.

Have you run the Inspect.exe tool to see if all the codec settings are correct?

Hi Kelly,

I just download the BD rebuilder from their official site but when i try to run it, it said Component MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its denpendencies is not registered : A FILE IS MISSING OR INVALID. Can you please help me. Thanks in advances.

i need a guide for BD rebuilder thanks:iagree::iagree:

Click on the links up the page in Kerry’s post.

thanks guy for the bdrebuilder guide

Wow thanks a lot, really apreciated !

thnx so much

is there any diference in re-build steps between 3D & 2D BD movie?

That’s a good question KingMojan. I did a bit of poking around over at doom9, and it seems that BD Rebuilder can compress 3D blu ray to 2D, but it won’t compress and retain the 3D effects.

I believe DVDFab has a 3D Blu ray “ripper”, that may or may not do what you want.

Hi and thanks for the helpful guide! Some questions, please:

  1. I was under the impression BDrebuilder could process normal DVDR, not only BR. Is that mistaken?

1a) If not, is there any guide (like this) for DVDR? Something to help with settings, maybe?

1b) I tried to “import” several discs of mine with no luck. The program winds up aborting each time:

“This appears to be a DVD source. Do you wish to import it?” (Presumably it would not offer if it couldn’t deal with DVDR.) I say Yes, import. It says: importing… … … and then:

“ERROR: Remuxing to BD failed. Aborted.”

Without any further info, I have no way of knowing what the error is. There’s supposedly a logging feature turned on but I’m having trouble finding any logs.

and last:
2) is there any way of installing older versions and keeping them stable (ie not getting greeted with the “expired” message)?? I don’t care to install whatever the latest Windows media-type update is with each new incarnation (currently Windows 11, I think), esp if it works for me on my old computer. just curious.

TIA for any help! :slight_smile: