BD Rebuilder Guide for Conversion of Blu ray to Other Formats

Hi Kerry , I’m giving BD to DVD a try right now.
The settings have changes some from post# 4 .
Is the “Use X264’s internal LAVF lor decoding” the same as the one marked in the image?
I do have the LAV codecs.

Also there is no longer a “Movie-only Playback Loop” .
That doesn’t seem critical.

I’m kind of interested in what HCEnc does .
I didn’t see any setting I could make for it.

I think that the program defaults to DirectShowSource when going to DVD-video, but don’t quote me on that. I’d have to go look through the Doom9 forum and see if I can find any documentation for that.

There is a way to change settings for HCenc. Its one of the hidden options, and you can find it in the Hiddenopts.txt file that comes with BD Rebuilder. There are only three settings, Fast, Normal and Best. Default encoding for HC is Normal, but you can add this line HC_PROFILE=BEST to the INI file to force a higher bitrate. Since you are constrained by DVD-5 or DVD-9 output size, I’m not sure how much extra quality you can actually gain using this. Its probably a minimal effect. I’ve always been satisfied with the default setting.

Jdobbs removed the Loop option. It was mentioned in one of the change files.

@ Kerry, It completed with the “Use X264’s internal LAVF for frame serving” checked.
I plan to write it to a DVD +RW & see how it looks.

I would like to have had the HCEnc “work” window display like it does when DVD Rebuilder is working. So I could see what HCEnc was doing.

The conversion looked OK with a quick view on the computer .
I can tell more once I get a copy burned.

It sure took a while for my computer to do the conversion but it is a way to do this.

If you know how well does Jdobbs respond to suggestions ?
I would like to suggest being able to see the HCEnc window doing the DVD part of the conversion.

BTW on my Windows 7 I don’t have ffdshow installed.

What I meant was that no matter what you have checked as default frameserver, BD Rebuilder may shift to DirectShowSource instead when converting to DVD-video from any source.

If you have the LAV filters installed, it will use them instead of ffdshow. But you really need the LAV filters found at the BD Rebuilder bug page, else you might get audio/video sync issues popping up.

There is a feature request thread at Doom9: He may respond, but he might not agree.

@ Kerry , I’ve been trying the BD Rebuilder Import Video Files .
I first tried with a .m2ts but then tested a .mp4 & .avi .
I get this error with all of them:

runtime error '70′: permission denied

This is on my Windows 7 OS .
I haven’t tried booting into my Vista OS for a try yet.

Any ideas on what to do to fix this ?

No, sorry. I haven’t seen this and googling the problem with BD Rebuilder only gives a couple of posts, which didn’t have a resolution.

You are running BD Rebuilder as admin, yes?

Yes on run as admin.

I tried googling first & found the same.

I kept trying & it seems to be working with a .mkv file I had .
It’s a large file so my computer is still working with it.

I thought BD Rebuilder also might be a solution for the .m2ts file in the “No Sound” thread.

[B]Solved:[/B] Run-time error ‘70’ Permission denied .
Windows 7 SP1 .
It was a permissions error.
Some of this didn’t fix the error but are steps I did & left in place.
They may or may not have been necessary.

  1. On the BDRB.exe I set Properties/Security/Advanced
    Permissions, Auditing, & Owner tabs to Administrator Full control.
    This didn’t stop the error .

  2. In the Compatibility Tab/ Compatibility mode / “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” checked
    I first used : “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)” /Apply/OK
    This worked .
    I then tried : “Windows 7” (this would be without SP1) /Apply/OK .
    This also worked.
    I then unchecked: "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
    Then tested a file again & got the error.

  3. I decided to check: “Run this program as an administrator” .
    This worked . So it should be running in Windows 7 SP1.
    [B]It’s possible that only step 3 is necessary . I would try it first.[/B]

It worked on: .AVI , .m2ts , .mp4 , .mkv , & .mpg.
I didn’t have any .mov files to test.

Before this I tried “Right click” “Run as administrator” on the BDRB.exe.
This didn’t stop the error . I think it should have but it didn’t.
I hope this helps anyone else with this error.

apologies for the massive bump, but I had been using BD Rebuilder to encode SBS MKVs from 3D blurays. I have recently updated to Windows 10 and was about to start a new batch, but I’m having error messages. Does anyone know if it has issues with Windows 10? I made disc backups using MakeMKV and browsed to the folder that held the backup (also tried the BDMV folder).

The message I’m getting is “BD Rebuilder experienced an error 2501 [timestamp] SourceCheck() 000552501”

I’ve never seen that error, but from the little I can find, it seems to be a problem with the decryption of the movies. You might want to try ripping them to the hard drive again with AnyDVD HD.

Or you can get DVDFab Passkey for free for the next two weeks. It is the full, lifetime version and can rip Blu-ray.

Have you tried Help–>Inspect to see if there are any problems in your current setup? When I went to Windows 10, I had to let BD Rebuilder adjust the registry settings for the LAV filters.

thanks. Yes I had to reset the LAV filters like you describe. Inspect shows

TSMUXER: Wrong version found

  • FRIMEncode: Wrong version found
  • FRIMDecode: Wrong version found

but everything else listed as OK. Not sure what versions it is expecting of those - I haven’t changed anything since using it last (other than the slightly newer version of BD Rebuilder)

I will try DVDFab but my AnyDVD trial has expired and I was hoping to avoid buying the full version because MakeMKV was doing everything I wanted. I also found that the Xbox one is oddly fussy about SBS movies. Encoding in BD Rebuilder is fine and displays SBS, but when I used other tools they didn’t work.

You’re using 0.50.07?

I’m showing no problems in the Inspect tool, and you’re really going to have to have the FRIMEncode and decode settings done properly if you are going to work with 3D Blu-ray.

Maybe start from scratch with a new download of 0.50.07. Don’t overwrite your current one, just set it all up new and then run the Inspect tool again.

Yep, 0.50.07. The tools are all self contained in the BD rebuilder folder so it is odd they are reporting incorrect. No install as such because it is just an EXE in a folder.

Hi and thanx for the manual. But I am wondering which panel has priority. There are so many different buttons and menues, I guess maybe there are conflicts between them. For example when trying to make “movie-only backup”.

For example when I follow your manual on the left pic I unclicked both “One Pass (CRF) Encoding” AND "One Pass (ABR) Encoding), which means it encodes two-pass

BUT on the right pic I clicked “One Pass CRF Target Size (MB)” which means of course it encoded one-pass.

I analyzed the result the movie I encoded and I realized that the video-bitrate was variable. But I want to know why are there “competing” options in that program and somehow both options seems to work, because the result was also MKV-Container but again the output size was not 5200MB it was 4388MB. I am confused now…

There are separate controls on the encoding engines when you choose Alternate Movie-Only output. The main controls are intended for Blu-ray/AVCHD output. BD Rebuilder will always use some form of variable bit rate encoding, depending on what you choose. There isn’t an option for constant bit rate, and constant rate factor is entirely different in the way it works.

If you want a particular size, it is always best to choose a two pass encode. This insures the greatest accuracy in output size. Jdobbs has given us an option for CRF encoding and a target size, which is what you’ve used, but it is a compromise in the way the X264 encoder functions, with a quick and relatively inaccurate first analysis before going forward with the real work of encoding.

If the output size is the primary concern, always use a two pass encode.

Thanx for the answer, but my primary concern is not size really, it is: “I want to know which settings are used”, but I don’t know which one BRrebuilder uses. The left (pic) one or the right (pic) one? I can adjust different things, but BRrebuilder can’t use different settings at the same time. Best example on the left pic I adjusted two-pass on the right pic I adjust one-pass, which one is valid or has higher priority?

I took a look into the .log (Reencoding: VID_00800, Pass 1 of 1). It did one pass. Which means (I guess) when working with Alternate Movie-Only Output these settings (right pic) are the big boss and the left doesn’t do anything, right? But on the left pic you can adjust for example high priority (this works) but does the quality settings left pic has any effects then when working with Alternate Movie-Only Output?

When you choose Alternate Output, the encoding choices are made within that mode. When you take the check mark out of the box that says Output BD or AVCHD Compliant Structure, you are turning off the encoding choices in the main sections of BD Rebuilder. At that point, you must select a new encoding method from the list under Alternative Output, which is what you did.

Alternative output can use the HCenc mpeg2 encoder, X264 or X265 (when selecting HEVC output).