BD Rebuilder development may stop soon



From a thread over at Doom9, I’ve read that jdobbs, the author of BD Rebuilder, will probably remove the time restriction on the program. The program has officially been in beta status for six years now, so this next release may be a final version.

Unfortunately, it seems jdobbs may not be able to continue development of the program at the breakneck pace we’ve seen in the past. Here is what he wrote:

It is likely this project will soon be coming to an end. The beta-timeout will be gone in the next release. I may consider a “Pro” version at some point in the future, but I’m not planning it right now. This will almost certainly be my last “voluntary donation” based project. It’s not a business model I recommend to anyone. I’m not whining – the decision to go this way was mine, and so is the fault for its failure. I continued it out of a sense of pride for most of its existence… but let’s face it, you can’t eat pride. I need to move on to something that will help me provide for my family.

In truth, there isn’t much more to add to this program. His implementation of H265 encoding is fairly new and will undoubtedly hit some snags, but otherwise, it is a stable and extremely capable piece of software.

If he expands his focus to include backups of the newer Blu-ray with H265, expected in the fall of 2015, that program will almost certainly be a commercial release, rather than donation ware like BD Rebuilder.