BD-Rebuilder and ISO Image Confusion

Hello all,

I’m having some confusion on using BD-Rebuilder for the first time. My goal is to set up an HTPC for my living room and have the ability to have all my Blu-Ray movies as compressed playable files. This is what I do:

My first step is to rip as an image using AnyDVD HD

I then install the appropriate software to use BD-Rebuilder.

Once installed, I mount the ISO image using Virtual CloneDrive.

After the image is mounted, I navigate throught the explorers’ hierarchy to the letter drive the image is mounted on and the errors begin. It says in a dialog box called “Disk is not formatted”, "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows. "

When I open BD-Rebuilder and browse out the source path to the letter location of the ISO image, the drive letter does not expand to reveal the contents within.

When I hit OK anyway in BD-Rebuilder, an “Illegal Source” dialog box pops up and says, “Selected source is not BD format.”

So I cannot move any further.

If anyone could shed some light on what I’m doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked on forums and played with it for hours now…

Have you tried ripping the Blu ray movie as files?

I’ve used BD-Rebuilder with ISO’s and files, and have not run into this problem. I also use Virtual CloneDrive to mount the ISO’s.

Are you using Windows XP 32bit? Installing the Toshiba UDF drivers might help:

Vista doesn’t need these by the way.

Yes, unfortunatly I’ve tried all that with no luck. I’ve even tried with a couple of different ISO’s and the same result. There has to be a step that I’m missing somewhere…it’s like the comuter is not recognizing the image but yet it plays. By the way, it does the same thing on two seperate computers.

Oh, I’m using XP64

I believe your problem is the operating system you are using. I’ve used BD-Rebuilder in XP Pro 32bit, Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit with no issues.

I haven’t tried it in Win7, but others probably have.

I would guess that as well, however the operating system that I’m using at work is Windows XP 32

OK, I’ve taken a screenshot to hopefully help describe my situation a little better. It’s me showing the ISO mounted on the virtual drive with the letter. Then I have the explorer opened with the drive letter showing without the movie title listed on it. Then I have BD-Rebuilder opened and attempted to browse the the source file (located on the virtual drive letter) and all the error dialog boxes are shown as well. If there is anything elso you need, let me know and I can provide the info on what I’m doing. This is definitely one of the more difficult times I’ve had with this type of thing. I kinda miss the ease of use with CloneDVD…

Final BD Image.pdf (150 KB)

BD-Rebuilder is a beta program…jdobbs is still working on bug fixes all the time. That said, it works very well for most of us.

You might join the doom9 forum, wait through their ridiculous “can’t post” period, then talk to jdobbs personally. If anyone can answer your questions it will be him. There is an ongoing bug report thread there in the DVDRebuilder forum.

IM getting more confused by the hour here…now when I put a Blu-Ray movie in the GGW-H20L PowerDVD8 pops up and says it cannot play a disk from a virtual drive?? So I went to manage disks in computer management and changed the drive letters and it did the same thing. Then I uninstalled Daemon tools and Virtual CloneDrive and still no success. Should I flash my firware and go back to a previous version? Could it be a driver issue?

Have you tried ripping with AnyDVD using “Rip video DVD to Harddisk”? BD Rebuilder will recognize the Blu-ray folder in your harddrive. Also it will avoid using Daemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive which can cause problems.

[QUOTE=zaina;2306549]Have you tried ripping with AnyDVD using “Rip video DVD to Harddisk”? BD Rebuilder will recognize the Blu-ray folder in your harddrive. Also it will avoid using Daemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive which can cause problems.[/QUOTE]

Whenever I’ve backed up DVD’s I always used a 1:1 ISO image so that when I mounted on a virtual drive I wouldn’t have to do any file hunting, clicking and such. Is ripping to files on the hard drive the preferable method for Blu-Ray, for most of the members here?

I’m also curious. After a successful compression selecting movie back up only in BD-Rebuilder, is one capable of preserving the opening menu and scene selection options? Or is one just able to play the movie, fast forward, rewind etc…

I prefer AnyDVD rip to files. All of my software used can read the folder/files allright. BD Rebuilder, TSMuxer, BDInfo can read the Blu-ray folder. ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater can read the folders and playback the Blu-ray. So for me there’s no need to rip as ISO anymore.

BD Rebuilder is capable of preserving the entire menu just like the original.