BD-RE DL compatibility with PS3 and standalone blu-ray player?

Hi guys!

I’m testing Panasonic BD-RE DL 50GB on my PS3. Burn the disc with a small clip of blu-ray structure (BDMV and CERTIFICATE, complete with m2ts file etc) using ImgBurn and LG GGW-H10N firmware 1.04. My PS3 with latest firmware 2.30 cannot recognize the disk.

Then I tried burning full disk (around 47GB) of blu-ray movie and still PS3 cannot recognize the disk.

Here’s the info of the disk:

Panasonic 2x BD-RE DL 50GB, MID = MEI T01 001. According to DVD Identifier, it’s version 2 (I hope it’s correct).

I’m not sure if it’s the PS3 does not support BD-RE DL or other problem. Anyone tried BD-RE DL on PS3 or a standalone blu-ray player yet?

Other BD-RE DL in the market afaik is TDK with MID= TDKBLD Wfa but I don’t have one yet.

No such problem to me with Maxell Branded BD-RE DL 50GB. It has the same media code with Panasonic BD-RE DL and it can play well on my PS3.

Thanks 2601.

Must be my GGW-H10N then. Not sure if the latest firmware supports BD-RE DL but I hope it is. Hope ala42 can confirm.