Bd-re Dl (50 Gb)?

Does anyone know of a deal on one of those ?

The brands I know of so far are Panasonic (LM-BE50DE) , Sony (BNE2VBSJ2), TDK (BD-RE50)

So far it seems I’ll be lucky to get it for $50 including tax & shipping to California. A local store in Silicon valley would also be OK since I’m only looking to buy one.

So far I haven’t seen any BD-R or BD-RE DL media at any local store, only SL.

Shipping to me is 4.45… best deal I’ve found.


[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;2008234]

Shipping to me is 4.45… best deal I’ve found.[/QUOTE]

The first link is for a BD-R write-once, not BD-RE rewriteable.
On the second, they are out of stock.
I ended up ordering from Amazon. It was $52.79 with free shipping and no tax. I haven’t received it yet.
It looks like their price is down to 48.67 now.