Are there any plans for a next-gen “DVD-RAM equivalent” for Blu-ray now that HDDVD-RAM is killed? Or is everything going to be “R” and “RW” only.

No, afaik there are no plans and I doubt there will be an equivalent format like DVD-RAM. :sad:

Damn…I never liked Sony. Too proprietary for my taste. I don’t think I’ll get into using Blu-ray discs. I rather just have a bunch of flash memory. LOL

Check out VMD authoring software.

BTW, anyone tried it yet???

There’s no BD-RAM but we have BD-RE which is similar to DVD-RAM.

Recording Method:
DVD-RAM: Random Access
BD-RE: Random Access

Also both have error correction option (automatic verification during writing).

In Nero it’s called "BD Defect Management"
In ImgBurn there’s an option for "DVD-RAM/BD-RE FastWrite"
In CD-DVD Speed it’s called “Streaming”

Wow! $20 a pop! LOL ferget that!

[QUOTE=rasmasyean;2044414]Wow! $20 a pop! LOL ferget that![/QUOTE]
You need to get it into perspective. I don’t know about DVD-RAM prices in the USA. But (5x speed) DVD-RAM here is £2.39 each (approx 4.3GByte storage). One BD-RE £9.99 (23GByte storage). So it actually works out about the same price and takes up less space. :slight_smile:

Wow, you’re right. For some reason I thought DVD-RAM was $1 a pop. I must’ve saw one of those blowout deals in an email the last time I saw a price.

But you can actually get a 2-3x one for $2. But I guess that’s a slowere one.

You can always find it cheaper.

Panasonic BD-RE 3pack $45 (around $15 each)

or ebay Memorex BD-RE $9.99 each.

Make sure you will get the Memorex made in japan on the packaging. :wink:

Sometimes there are plenty of sales for the BD-R (write once) for around $8-10 or less…