BD-R surface after burning - strange look


I’m new to blurays. I just tried to burn my first BD-R (drive Samsung SE-506BB, disc Ritek BR-3 marketed as TDK). And this is how it looks. Some kind of blurry smudges from center, like psychedelic patterns from late 60s.

I don’t know if this issue with discs or something wrong with drive? I tried to find answer on forum on similar question, but I don’t have idea how I should name this strange looking surface in english.

Ritek blank media are infamous for bad quality.
If it was the first disc of the spindle, the spindle perhaps was exposed too long to the sun.

Thanks a lot. Just burned Panasonic BD-R and it looks much better - there is still some smudges, but much lighter. I have no idea - if this smudges can be bad for longevity of discs?