BD-R SL Media for Plextor LB950SA




I´m not very experienced.
So I always use Plextor Drives, Verbatim Media and I burn them with half the speed to get the best possible quality.
I´m happy with that for years now.

Now, I bought Verbatim from Ebay BD-R-SL:VERBAT-IMv-000 and it´s LTH type (4x speed only), wich is supposed to be not so good.

So I thought I´d buy the Datalifeplus HTL from Amazon BD-R-SL:CMCMAG-BA5-000 (2x 4x 6x 10x speed).
and noticed it´s not Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical) anymore.

Now I have quite a few of both on my spindle.

3 Questions:

1: Do these discs fit to my Plextor device and wich is better.

  1. Are there better blank discs on the market that fit better to my Plextor and I should use.

  2. Is it better to buy a new device. Recommended are Pioneer BDR-S09XLT and LG BH16NS40

hope to find a kind person with knowledge:iagree:




According to many people, the best media is made by Falcon Tech/FTI and Panasonic.

FTI is sold as Falcon Media, and some other brands. It is made in U.A.E.

Panasonic (Matshita/MEI) is sold as Panasonic (and other brands). It is made in Japan.

Those blanks work best with almost any drive. However, your CMC is okay. The LTH Verbatim do not work very well with the LiteOn iHBS112/iHBS212 (the LB950SA is the same drive as the iHBS212), though the last firmware available allows the LTH media to be used.

A Pioneer BDR-S09 or LG BH16 will burn better than the LB950SA. If the Pioneer is cheaper, purchase that;; otherwise, purchase the LG. But keep the Plextor, as it can be used to check the quality of a burned disc.


Thank you,

at last some orientation.:clap:

You mentioned that the LB950SA can check the disc quality.
I tried, but never found out how to interpret the results.

I got the possibility to check the disc quality with these options using the PlexUtilities:

Bler (c1 & c2) - Jitter - TE and FE

What is it and what is the critical value using BD-R SL media?


After burning a disc, do the jitter test and the BLER test.

Lower is better. For Blu-ray, when doing the BLER test, you want BIS to be lower than 10 (maximum) and less than 0.50 (average). Small spikes are okay. LDC is sometimes very high, but BIS is low; this is okay.

A member by the name of luigough did some tests 3 years ago, to check on some old discs he had. If you look at the scans he posted on his own site, you can get an idea of what is good and what is not so good: (he adds commentary about which discs have aged well, and which ones are going bad, which should tell you what is okay and what is bad).

Also, you can compare scans done on Panasonic (MEI) single-layer BD-R

and TDK media (FTI makes BD-R using TDK’s technology. Some scans are of TDK’s own products, some scans are of FTI’s products, and some scans are of media made by other manufacturers. Posts will mention “Made in UAE” or “made by FTI”)

…to scans done on Philips media made by various manufacturers:

The Philips media is mediocre/bad/very bad; the TDK media is often very good (made by FTI/Falcon is often REALLY good); and the Panasonic/MEI media is very good. That will help give you an idea of good burns and bad burns.

For jitter, less than 13% is okay, but less than 10% is good. Less than 9% is very good.

TE/FE: use TE/FE to see if there are big problems with the surface of the disc. It is good to use TE/FE before burning, but can also be used after burning. If BLER tests and jitter tests seem bad, try TE/FE tests (and look at the bottom of the disc under a powerful light). If a drive suddenly stops burning [B]in the middle of a burn[/B] for no reason, sometimes a TE/FE test will show that the disc is hard to read/write, and a lower speed might help.


Great - Thank You:clap:

Now I own a new LG-BH16NS40.
As I´m doing some tests now (DVD/CD), I´d like to know if the interpretation of the scans are the same as BD-R SL.

[I][Snipped out topic that can’t be mentioned on the forum. -Albert][/I]
I´d like a decent quality, but it hasen´t to be archived like valuable data.

I have now 3 devices to burn:

PX-891SA / DVD

I have recently used the PX-891SA to burn DVD´s + CD´s:
Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R 700MB 52x

My BluRay is:

As I mentioned, I used Verbatim as it was recommended.

Now, knowing this, how would you solve my workflow? (using which media on which device)
I´d be greatful if you could suggest new media and hardware if there is a good reason therefor.

I really do appreciate the help,




for Your new LG-BH16NS40 I can recommend any original VERBATIM Mediacode, as the mentionened VERBATIMd, BD-R25 6x VERBATIMe (still available, but expensive), also Verbatim BD-R25 6x with the Mediacode CMCMAG BA5 (Verbatim 43804, 43811, 43812), Panasonic BD-R25 4x and 6x.

Kind Regards



…so I assume these are nice too? So I stick to them?

Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R 700MB 52x

Because of the 50GB media, you mentioned the:
VERBAT-IMd is nice?

How is the TDK from ebay / japan?
[I]TDK BD-R DL 50GB (1-4x) Blu-Ray Printable Disk Japan[/I]




Yes, stick to Verbatim.

I didn´t like the results of TDK BD-R50 4x with 4x on the LG, as You can see here:



thanks - I´ll just use the LG drive now for all media.:clap:

One question:

I found an sticky from Albert about writing speeds.
I usually burn half the max. speed.

DVD -R 4,7GB at 8x
DVD +R 8,5GB 4x
CD´s at 16x or 24x if offered.

Is that ok?

VERBAT-IMv offers 2x, 4x and 6x
CMCMAG-BA5 offers 4x, 6x, 8x, 10 and 12x.

and the 50GB:
VERBAT-IMd offers 4x, 6x and 8x.

What is the recommended writing speed for my BluRay media?

thank you:iagree:


I wouldn’t recommend VERBATIMv usage, if you really want to use LTH BD-Rs better use VERBATIMu. With either one I wouldn’t recommend >4x speed - 6x didn’t give good results.
The CMCMAGBA5 are ok with the rated 6x speed, I wouldn’t recommend 10x or 12x - they have a bigger quality range than e.g. Panasonic (or the unfortunately unavailable SONYNN3 discs).
The DVD+R DLs can be written at 6x speed with pretty goold quality, dunno about the LG though, you have to check that out.


If the. DVD+R DL is good quality, 6x should be fine on the LG. 4x is fine, too, if you want to be cautious.



yes the DVD +R DL 8,5GB is [B]Verbatim MKM-003[/B] so 6x should work?

What about the 50GB?

The [B]VERBAT-IMd[/B] offers on my LG-BH16NS40 4x, 6x and 8x.
It´s labeled 4x.


Try 6x, to be safe. If 6x is good, you can try 8x.

Where is your VERBAT-IMd made? Made in Japan, Made in Taiwan, or made somewhere else?


The BD-R DL VERBAT-IMd are made in Japan.


Yeah, it should be good at 6x. If you’re ever in a rush, 8x shouldn’t be too bad.


You should avoid BD-R LTH media in general.
If You have bought them accidentally, try 4x for the VERBAT-IMv, it will give You probably better results than 6x.

For BD-R HTL media the writing speed recommended by the disc manufacturer is the best choice in most cases. :wink: