BD-R Scanning Drive Options

In my current computer, I use an LG BH14NS40 BD-R burner and a Liteon iHBS 112 to scan my disks (with Opti Drive Control software). This seems to work well.

I am looking to help configure another computer the same way, but it appears that Liteon iHBS 112 drives (nor iHBS 312) are not readily available anymore. Is there another recommendation for an available scanning BD drive? Or is Liteon via e-bay the answer?

Perhaps see if you can get one of the iHBSx12 clones instead: PX-B950SA, BD-5300S, BW-12B1ST (not the “BW-12B1ST a” version!), BD-W512GSA, DH12B2SH, HP BD335i, PX-LB950SA, BW-12B1LT, HP-BD340i or one of the external clones like PX-B950UE, PX-LB950UE, eHBUx12, HP BD335e.

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cvs - thanks for the suggestions !