BD-R & HD-DVD burner in 1

Hi, I am looking for an internal drive that can read AND write both Blu ray AND HD-DVD.

Preferebly by LG. (I just like LG :))

Preferably LG, not necessarily.

Can anyone help me make my choice?

Thanks a lot!

Here is the current list…

Short isn’t it

AFAIK there are no combi Blue Ray and HDDVD writers out, infact I dont even thing HDDVD has a writer yet and the BR/HDDVD reader combo drives have only just been anounced.

And even a read-only drive costs too much. For the price of one Blu-ray writer, one can buy a few 500GB SATA II HDD’s, a few 20x Super Multi DVD writers, and a few 8GB SLC NAND flash cards.

Yeah, kinda nothing yet.

Toshiba SD-H903A HD DVD burner is for PC. They also have one in their laptops. Too expensive for me.

Oh come on now. You Long Beachers have to have money to live there :iagree: I used to live in Garden Grove 3 1/2 years ago.

For me before I go out to buy a comb of HD, BD, DL, SL, CD drive I like them to make it have the RW feature on all of the drive features. Until then I just keep my DL burner which for me right now works just as well. I don’t plan on opening a movie theater anytime soon.

Hey Rolling, just to play HD on a PC requires too much of an investment with the HDMI and HDCP requirements for the monitor and sound card, and video card. Not to mention the cost of gas to go surfing. Surfing is the only thing keeping me in California. You have it made.

you don’t need HDMI

Microsoft lied!!!

Whats new? Told me Vista was better than XP Pro also. Should I believe that?:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :disagree:

Upon further review of all components involved, it seems that to play Blu-Ray on a PC, you can use a DVI port only if you have a monitor and video card with HDCP chip on board. If you have an HDMI port, you do not need the HDCP chip. But HDMI will not play any non-HDCP supported media. So either way, the rules remain the same for the manufacturers. So to back up your store bought media on these expensive discs is a problem. Don’t let your kids scratch them!!!

You can also playback Blu-ray on standard VGA port to your analog monitor. :wink:

But is it HD?

You don’t need it but its great with version 1.2 and 1.3. You need no extra audio connections, check out the HD 26xx Radeons.

HDCP you will need always for protected material to make the chain rolling…

When you play it back by using no DVI/HMDI/HDCP the res is automatically decreased of course. :bigsmile: