BD-R 10pk for $22.99 - Is this legit?

Geeks has some generic BD-R media on sale in 10 packs for $22.99. The price has me thinking about getting a blu-ray burner but I wonder if anyone has tried this media before? The disks are black with waving lines going down the left side (weird they chose that color…).

The page is funny, its states “Burn up to 2.5 terabytes of data with this 10-piece spindle of BD-R media”. OK they’re idiots, I could only wish…

Nonetheless, anyone with experience on these? Kinda reminds me of the old days after I bought my first CD burner and bought those 25pk sets of no-name disks on eBay :cool:



25GB x10= 2.5TB…lol

Pricing suggests Ritek.
Make sure firmware of the drive your going to buy is up to date.
Don’t expect quality to be the same level as the japanese stuff, but they are mostly usable.

thanks dakhaas!