BD movie only backup, plays fine on computer but choppy audio on ps3, any solution

i tried ts muxer to make a movie only copy. i burn the same image on my sony bd-re and got the same results…(tried to play it in my ps3 , the video was good , but the audio was choppy. I played the same disk it in my computer , via power dvd 7.3 and it played video and audio perfect.) What could be going wrong, I know its not the disks. Does ts muxer suck for ps3 playback?

im new aswell. afew days… trying to get one to play on my PS3.

ive tried tsmuxer but had no luck yet. id have video but no audio.

what i did was use anydvd and then kept the only movie file in that stream folder… and burner both folders with Nero, to fit on a 25gb bd-r

ive read tdk’s arent good… but thats all i have here locally… not tested yet.
still have my copy on a bd-re memorex that worked but movie started skipping.

Tooo me . Sounds like it doesnt like your media… id try another brand…

It is not the media, if it’s the media then both video and audio will be bad.

Sometimes ps3 doesn’t like tsmuxer but most of the time it’s okay. If the result from tsmuxer is bad in ps3, I redo with tsremux and it’s usually fine. I like tsmuxer better because the process is faster but sometimes the audio skips as mentioned.

thanks zaina i know you know your stuff i will try ts remux next. and will give results

Well, I just experienced audio skipping last night using tsmuxer.

The original movie is DL and shrink with BD Rebuilder resulting 19GB video and 500MB DD AC3 audio. When I saw the video size I thought I can fit the original Dolby TrueHD. Extract Dolby TrueHD using tsremux (3.4GB) and it did fit BD-RE 25GB. However the audio skipped, video is fine.

So I use tsremux again but this time using AC3 audio (downcovert from Dolby TrueHD), burn to BD-RE both video and audio are fine.

Since I still have the m2ts of video + Dolby TrueHD from previous tsremux, I re-ran the m2ts with tsMUXer and now both video and hidef audio are fine.

I think somehow tsremux doesn’t like some hidef sound (Dolby TrueHD in my case).