BD Media Advise? is this good or bad?

Ok, i bought 50gb Sony BD-R DL, seller said that disc was opened but brand new and never used.

something is not right about this disc.

here is a different disc, 50gb Panasonic BD-R DL

now here is the sony disc i got from ebay

nero claims it is empty

i have not tried burning to it, since its 50gb and wanted to save it for later.

Is this disc useless? seems like either he tried to format it or failed burn.

“Never used” is definetly wrong here.

[quote=nekrosoft13;2111336]Is this disc useless? seems like either he tried to format it or failed burn.[/quote]Yes and yes. That’s just too bad.

Interesting item description by this seller.

“My Matsushita blu-ray burner doesn’t recognise the BD-R format”

That makes no sense to begin with. Maybe he meant BD DL?

As Zevia said, this looks like a failed burn. I wonder which optical drive this failed on. A likely candidate is one from a notebook.

Maybe the power went out during the burn (bad luck)?

Or maybe he accidentally hit the cancel button? What actually happens when you hit cancel, btw, for non-rewritable discs? On a standalone DVD recorder, you can erase the partial program but you don’t get the space back. Would it be similar for PC burns? I’ve had some failed burns, mostly from lower quality media, so I’ve simply chucked them into the wastebasket. I’ve never actually canceled a job on purpose.

Anyways, I hope you get a refund or something along those lines.