BD-Live: Sony's secret weapon or bust?



I just posted the article BD-Live: Sony’s secret weapon or bust?.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the handful Profile 2.0, or “BD-Live enabled”, Blu-ray players. With more to come the question rises if BD-Live is Sony’s secret weapon or a bust. BD-Live…

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People buy movies to watch it is extremely rare that one wants to view the extras.


I agree Dr. Who…people really have time to do all this stuff? Who cares…go outside


I have 650 DVD movies and I’ve watched the extras on maybe 5 of them. Life is too short.


Finally, we are seeing the truth…that “HD” alone cannot motivate most folks away from DVD. So, we now see that the REAL reason for the “upgrade” is to get folks to buy the same “films” all over again. Since planA didn’t work, HD, now Disney and other bloodsuckers are shifting to planb. Trying to add on some fluff to get folks to part with their hard earned money. If you haven’t got a PS3, I guess you need to run out and buy ANOTHER Bluray player so you can “chat with the stars”. rolls eyes Good luck! :Z


@ CompUser “When I make backups of my DVDs, I don’t even include the extras in the backup, just the movie.” Ditto here. No need to go through all the crap to get to the good stuff. Plus, I go from DVD 9 to DVD 5. Getting rid of the extras makes more room for the actual movie, so it’ll look better.

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I agree with Dr. Who, and think it will be an incredibly small niche market that will want/actually use the “interactive” features. The rest of us will just have to pay for them. When I make backups of my DVDs, I don’t even include the extras in the backup, just the movie.


What is secret about BD Live? Blu-ray internet connectivity and interactive features have been on the product road map since the launch.


So sessions with actors? A whole Internet support vehicle for each movie release? Besides the time factor from the consumer point of view, the willingness to actually view/interact with remote content, how long before the novelty wears off. I can really see a mainstream actor sitting beside a computer while Joe Public links up. Might happen once for a couple of hours at a major title launch, then what about anyone who buys the disc later? How long will all this additional content be kept on line? If you buy a BD-Live disc 6 months later, will the additional content still be there? If it isn’t will we see law suits as people demand what they’ve paid for and what it says on the disc cover.
Then there’s the quality of the added Internet content. How many times have you sat waiting for the DVD you’ve just inserted into your machine to simply bring the main menu up? Some DVDs are so badly authored, you lose the will to live waiting to access the main menu. Can you imagine how some of the interactive content is going to turn out? This could be the quickest killing of the studio golden goose ever.