BD-Live cripples Iron Man Blu-ray discs

LOL, here is an idea, rip the movie to your HDD and then watch it. Better yet, put it on a DVD9 and watch it in your player that way.

I like how these companies force you to watch something. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started to make you watch commercials before even watching a Bluray flick sort of like what the theaters do.


All NMT’s are BluRay players just not BluRay Disc players. I don’t care about menus or PIP or profiles. I just wanna watch full1080p ES video and full HD audio which all NMT’s do. Just watched Eraser BluRay last night so don’t tell me my NMT is NOT a BluRay player cause I can’t stick a disc in it. The future is NOT optical.

@blubals: which NMT you recommend?

@ BluBalls

You’re right, it isn’t optical. 1.5 TB drives just came out. Now is the time !!! I’m thinking either Popcorn Hour or HDX 1000. The HDX 1000 is bigger, but it’s aluminum (doesn’t get as hot) and has a power button.

Well Gee wasn’t the whole point of BluRay to have room for all the extra content on the disc without downloading it? Did anyone think of “automatic firmware updates” everytime you play this disc? There is no other reason to automatically download content unless you are pushing firmware out. It would require a long term investment for one product. No studio will do that. No one knows what they are pushing down to your players.


I have a PCH A-100 but I have had mine since they first came out. If you need HD audio bitstreaming get the PCH A-110 if you don;t need HD audio and already have an AVR that decodes AC3/DTS get an A-100. You can do HD Audio with the A-100’s via (L)PCM (DTS-MA/TrueHD -> 5.1 PCM) via software.

Of course it’s not optical. I mean lets just all stick our entire movie collection onto 1 hard drive and watch it crash then lose it all cry because all your movies are now gone. What to do? Redownload them all? Yeah tell your ISP that with there bandwidth caps. If optical is dead then that means you don’t have a backup to just copy it from so I guess you just sit in a corner sucking on your knees

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance:bigsmile:

@ jk

Awesome alliteration. Good job.

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