BD is taking too long - when will it be viable?

I have used DVDFAB for years, but the BD support is getting to be a joke. First off there is no support for BD+, or Java locks(as far as I know). I’ve tried several discs - some are not even recognized by DVDFAB. When I pm’ED Fengtao awhile ago I was told a timetable for BD improvements - we are far behind schedule.

People who bought a two year BD subscription are getting shafted IMO because the software is not viable at this point - and I think it should not have gone up for licensing until it works.

Even when it does manage to become a viable BD decrypter - I wonder if the BD+ support will be kept up to date - ANYDVDHD tries to do this very well - as new titles are released - BD+ support is addressed, now there is MKB (a new version) which ANYDVDHD is addressing at this moment, I wonder if this is even on the board as far as DVDFAB is concerned.

It is easy to complain, but the last ‘upgrade’ was June 26TH - now near a month later - nothing new - and BD+ was supposed to be working by now as I remember…What is going on - is there trouble with the development of the BD support???:frowning:

Hopefully when they finally do come out with the next version we will be able to do eveything we can currently do with DVD’S such as BLU RAY to MOBILE. I for one am looking forward to this feature. File to mobile using the blu ray m2ts file never worked for me.