BD+ Independently broken by programmers at doom9 forums

Looks like the BD+ protection on Blu Ray disks has been cracked by a few independent researchers over at the Doom9 forums. They have an initial release of their program, called BDVM Debugger v.0.1.0, available for download. This is not a finished product ready for the general public, but is a first step in that direction.

One of the main contributors to the project, called Oopho2ei, stated their goals quite clearly:
I would like to stress again that this project wasn’t intended to circumvent copy protection and promote piracy. This can already be done using commercial software like AnyDVD-HD. Instead this project was an attempt to enable users of open source operating systems (like linux) to playback their BD+ protected discs without having to use proprietary software.

Congratulations to these guys. Lots of hard work involved here.

Here is a link to the last page of the thread at doom9:

Thanks for sharing the news Kerry.

Interesting to see if this method can be applied to non-Linux so that we can use freeware like VLC to playback blu-ray.