BD iHOS104 not visible

Hi guys,

Just got a new Blu Ray drive, LiteOn iHOS104 to replace a generic DVD drive that physically broke.
I have an ASUS M3N72-D MB, with 2 WD hard drives in the first 2 SATA slots. I installed the BD drive as normal, checked the BIOS - all looked ok. Drive was recognised, and it has detected the name, serial number etc as a SATA CD-ROM drive. SATA is set up in IDE mode, nor RAID.

Except my Vista 64 cannot see the drive, in explorer or in Device Manager (also in Safe Mode). The drive itself is powered up fine, green light is on and bay opens ok. When I put a dvd / blu ray in, it appears to scan it for a few seconds as normal. Except Windows doesn’t react.
I ran a system checker that reported that my system was fully HD enabled and blu ray ready (apart from the missing BD drive, and software to play blu rays, which is on the install blu ray disk)

Any ideas?? I cant believe its a duff drive if BIOS can see it,

Thanks for any help

Sorted it - I switched the 2nd hard drive (SATA 2) and blu ray player (SATA3) round… no idea why there were temperamental.