BD+ has Blu-ray copy protection layer approved

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We have previously reported on BD+ Technologies’ extra level of security on Blu-ray discs, and how it was progressing during the development phase. Well, now it looks as if the ball is well and…

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Consumers will vote with their wallet and not bother with Blu-ray and this bullshit by Sony.

Well I think now we will see BD sells declining if they start to use it.

I’m disgusted! Wheres the 0 day hack??? :+ Anyone taking bets for how long this encrytpion lasts? I’m going for 2 months max :B

I’m disgusted! Wheres the 0 day hack??? :+ Anyone taking bets for how long this encrytpion lasts? I’m going for 2 months max :B

well, we will see if the PS3 will read this type of BD+…i have my doubts…

BD+ is a Fingerprint during the Press of the BD-ROM and is the same of the protection of PS1 & PS2 CD/DVD and i think the PS3 use the same thing.

Just when I think Blu-ray might win this war, they go and step on their balls again. I give it no more than a month before this is hacked. HD DVD is definitely the way to go.

Where in the World is DVD Jon? I’ll bet he’ll crack it up in a jiffy.

…“it could also have some benefit for consumers”… [Quoted from above] Interesting, I’d say time expiring samples would be on the interest of the vendors, and I can not figure out how someone that can run a program and modify a machine of mine out of my control and to service his interests can benefict me also :frowning:
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“Just when I think Blu-ray might win this war, they go and step on their balls again.” I don’t think so… This is obviously not good for consumers, but remember that the top of the “food chain” here are the movie studios, not consumers. The better they think their stuff is protected against piracy, the more support the give to a format. We will see what happens in next few months, will be interesting for sure… :wink:

Good for sales. Bad for rentals.

BD+ might remain secure for a while. If the same content is released on both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, why not just rip it from the more easily hacked HD-DVD? Ironically, if that happens HD-DVD will win. People will buy burners and players to whatever play high def content they have. If an entire class of consumer, let’s call them pirates, goes one way that could well tilt the entire market.

This might seem that it will hurt sales but it wont. Most of the consumers that purchase Blu-ray movies are not familiar with hacking and ripping these optical volumes. In no way will it remotely affect sales, unless there’s some type of incompatibility. Also you have to take this note into account, the movie studios want more content protection, some of the HD-DVD supporters will see the benefits and make the move. People are not going to buy the HD-DVD version of a Blu-ray movie because it isn’t available, the whole round off between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is that each are supported by different studios, yeah there are a few titles that you can find on both but that’s not really the case when it comes to mass releases. HD-DVD is already taking a blow by Blockbusters current decision to port Blu-ray as their HD content rentals. The only one that will be affected by this BD+ transition is anyone who either backs up their media or pirates it. In all people only go against Blu-ray because Sony is behind it, if Sony was behind HD-DVD it would be the same biased opinion about the format. People can’t generally get the picture when it comes down to specifications, some say “yeah well who cares about the size of storage that the disc has” umm a lot of people do, it’s only obvious how technology is expanding. It’s like would you rather take 15GB over 30GB for the same price? Yeah exactly… All opinions are open, but if you look at the table Sony is making progress here and people just don’t like to see them succeed at that. What do you think? :S

Sony has had some wins, but: - Almost all of their installed base is PS3. There is an open question whether that will turn into Blu-Ray movie sales. - Current HD-DVD releases are outselling the same releases on Blu-Ray (see e.g. Planet Earth). - HD-DVD has a price advantage right now. As long as Blu-Ray costs more while providing no obvious benefit, people will buy HD-DVD. Note that Sony has the same problem with PS3 vs Wii & Xbox 360. - The studios have no dog in this fight. With a few exceptions, they won’t forgo sales just to help one side or the other in the format wars. Unless one format disappears quickly you’ll see both supported. They just can’t afford not to. - Blu-Ray has some technology advantages. Since when has that led to marketplace success? Probably over time the advantage will erode anyway, as both formats continue to evolve. Good discussion.

Did anyone take the time to check out this BD+ website? It looks like a 10 year old made it, LMAO. I hope that its a sign that they are too busy at work to deal with their webpage and not that they are a bunch of baboons. None of their links are useful.

Slysoft has another copy protection to crack and modders will have their chance to override it also cheers pete