Bd downloads to bd onyour tv?

i have been trying to find out the best way to change a bd downloaded movie to be able to play on a tv. i have a bd burner on my computer and i have ripbot,xilisoft,and tsmusing. i also have imgburn, convert x todvd anydvd, so as you can tell i like to make and backup my movies. now this is what i would like to do i would like to take a down loaded bd that is in mkv that plays on my computer and make it a bd or avc-hd that will plat on my tv without loss of quality i have tried but the only one that seems to work is to convert the mkv file with convertx to dvd which if you think about it it is not a bd it is a dvd so you are lossing some quality of course because if it is 8 gb to start and after you change it it becomes 4 gb there is no way you can’t have loss something i am looking for something that can only be played with my stand alone bd player can someone please guide me though this i really want to learn how to do this and make a high quality bd

As far as I am aware, there are no Blu Ray movies available for download through legal channels. Not commercially made BD format movies anyway.

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