BD Advisor Shows Blu-ray Disc Drive: Not Found For WH08LS20

I recently purchased the LG WH08LS20 Blu-ray burner. After installing the burner I ran CyberLink’s BD Advisor to be sure that I could in fact play blu-ray. Much to my dismay, I found that My new Blu-ray drive was not recognized.
This is actually the second WH08LS20 that I have had, the first one I RMA’d to newegg, because it had the same problem and I thought there might be something wrong with the hardware. I have attached images of BD Advisor and the Device Manager.

What can I do to make sure that I am able to play Blu-Ray discs?

The drive may be new enough that the advisor program doesn’t have it listed as a blu ray drive.

My advice is to install whatever blu ray playback software you have and try it out. Usually the drives come with a version of PowerDVD. Make sure to update PowerDVD once you install it.

The drive show as a “SCSICdrom device” in Device manager. This behaviour is more like you have an external sata card or the sata controller is configured to RAID. Sata controllers in RAID mode are recognized as SCSI.

are there more than one sata controller on your mainboard ? the port used to the WH08LS20 how is it configured in bios ?

There is only a single SATA controller on the motherboard, multiple ports, but only one controller as far as I know.

In the bios, SATA configuration is set to AHCI, and onboard SATA Mode is enabled.