BCE 5232IM comments?

I had tried to find some reviews and/or comments on this drive, but couldn’t locate any. Please share your experiences. Thanks.

By accident, I managed to find a review on the Freecom FC-1 52/32/52 CDRW drive w/7-in-1 media reader, which the drive is based off of the BCE 5232IA, thus, BCE 5232IM. The 5232IM looks like a very decent drive, but stating “We believe that Freecom FC-1 with TY media is not a good combination.” is something to consider.

I was at the store today, and saw a BCE 5232IM with Firmware 000J (F:000J). Also manufactured 2003/12 like the one in the Freecom review. The firmware on the Freecom unit was 000F (same version as what was put up on the firmware-flash site in Oct. '03 for the BCE 5232IM)

As there doesn’t seem to be an 000J firmware download yet for the BCE 5232IM through either BTC’s website or firmware-flash, this may be something to look out for if you’re getting the drive soon. It may resolve the issues with media compatibility as described in the Freecom review.

As prevalent as this drive is on the market in various rebadged forms, I’m surprised there’s not more discussion about it. This thread is pretty much it.