BCDC or BCFC or BCHC for DW1650

Hi, people! I’ve recently bought BenQ DW 1650 and I just wanted to know which firmware should I put in it. What are your experiences and opinions about those firmwares?

Personally I’ve stuck with BCFC as some have had issues with BCHC.

This is a very unclear subject. My experiences of BCHC & BCFC are that, unlike most people, I was getting good results with BCHC (with SB for known media=OFF) and much worse results with BCFC and same settings.

Now I’m just using BCHB from the BenQ 1655 until a newer firmware is released. I changed from BCHC due to issues with SB.

According to scans posted, all three can be good for burning quality, but:

  1. I haven’t seen any complaint with BCDC
  2. BCFC doesn’t seem to improve quality much
  3. There has been many complaints with BCHC

So I stick with BCDC for time being, and all my burns are fine. :cool:

I aggree with ^. Stick to BCDC.

I agree also, and I have tried all three. I only use two different types of + media, Yuden000-T02-000 and MCC004 and I have good success with these medias and this firmware.

MIDs I’ve used with great burning quality in 1650/BCDC:

RICOHJPNR01**** (Ricoh)
YUDEN000T02**** (Verbatim, TDK)
TDK003**** (TDK)
CMC MAG E01*** (HP)
MCC004*** (Verbatim)
MBIPG101R04** (Ricoh)

TYG02*** (Verbatim)
MCC03RG20*** (Verbatim)
MCC02RG20 ** (Verbatim)
RITEKG04** (Traxdata)
RITEKG05* (Maxell)

Sidenote: I’m recommending against RitekG04/G05 due to odd degradation problems. This issue is often discussed in the Blank Media Forum.

How about BCDC vs BCFC? Is there a clear enough winner amongst these two?
Currently I have BCFC installed, with SB ON/ON but I have never tried BCDC …

By the way, is there any drawback in having SB ON for known media?

I have not found one, because if you use the Overspeeding feature you must have Solid burn enabled no matter what media you use.

cvs, I see that you have a new toy now! Do you still have the dusty PX-712A? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, BCFC is only downloadable from benq.cn website. BenQ global (support.benq.com) does not provide BCFC for download.

By the way, is there any drawback in having SB ON for known media?
I found that the original firmware’s writing strategy is good enough for well known media such as MCC, TY and Maxell, sometimes better. Thus I leave SB Off for my daily use (YUDEN000T02 @8x and MCC004 @8x/12x).

Not for me, but I’m not analysing PIE/PIF scans with a magnifying glass. When it’s very good, I’m happy enough. Some users have reported slightly better results with BCFC with some MIDs.

By the way, is there any drawback in having SB ON for known media?
Once again, if you’re not over-obsessive with PI/PIF scans, I’d say leaving SB ON at all times is the way to go, as it kinda guarantees that the burns will be good even with discs that are variable in characteristics. With very specific MIDs and batches, SB OFF can apparently lead to slightly better burns, but these are specific cases and you have to test a lot before being sure, personally I don’t want to bother with this. I like to have my life as simple as possible, and SolidBurn is of great help for this. :bigsmile: :cool:

As [B]Zevia[/B] mentions, though, if you’re only using TY/Verbatim, and you avoid the Made in India Verbs (variable in characteristics) you’re good with SB OFF as well. :iagree:

I came up to a strange situation with BCFC. When I flashed the drive and rebooted, I started QSuite and it told me that the drive is not supported?! Didn’t want to experiment and flashed back to BCDC. What’s the catch with this?

Concerning the dvd media, the best media that can be found here is Maxell Ritek R03 and RICOHJPN R03, and Verbatim CMC and Prodisc, no MCC and TY. Are they good enough?

Indeed, a nice £20 Philips 1660 … which of course is not a pLEXTOR, and hence it works just fine :bigsmile:

“Sadly” I had to (finally!) take it out from my PC … not before I wrote one last disc with it … a pLEXTOR branded Yuden T03 @ 12x with the new FW1.09 … you know … writing a pLEXTOR with a pLEXTOR … high hopes … the result … both my NEC 4551 and BenQ achieve significantly better results with pLEXTOR’s own media, both at 12x and 16x too :rolleyes:

Now the “king of quality” serves as a constant visual reminder not to buy a pLEXTOR ever again :doh: :smiley:

Comming back to our BenQ firmwares, thank you guys for your input :flower:
I only have the drive for a week and a bit, so I’m still getting familiar with it … so far so good, I’m rather pleased with my purchase … nice piece of kit (and very cheap too) :iagree:

can anyone point me to where i can download the BCDC firmware? thanks


or if you want the dangerous brothers’ release (region patched), here’s the link http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_file.php?site=tdb1&file=BCDCRPC1.ZIP

Thanks for the quick reply but it’s telling me that i’m going flash my 1655 to 1650. is there a firmware specifically for 1655?


BCDC is firmware for 1650 - not for 1655. You should have mentioned it in your post, but you simply asked for BCDC.

Official firmware for 1655 can be obtained at Benq official website. They often have older firmware available, too.


Look at this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1479348#post1479348

My conclusion: stay with BCDC.

I got better results with BCFC on Verbatim DL media. With BCDC the burn quality was 97 but the disc has more PIE in layer 0 and it did not play well in my Toshiba SD2700 but played flawlessly in Philips DVP642 and Cyberhome CHD-300.

When I burned using BCFC the DL media plays well in Toshiba SD2700 and I get less PIE in layer 0 and the burn quality is 98. So I think BCFC is better than the BCDC at least for DL media.


I have a question about the latest Benq1650 firmware BCHC.

Does anyone here have a good experience with BCHC? Even if this firmware has performed some less than satisfactory results for some users, it must able to do something good otherwise it would not be released by Benq

So if you had some good experience with BCHC, can you tell us what media you used, what burning speed you used, etc? And above all, please post a disc-scan to show us your best results with BCHC.

Some users have reported good results with BCHC on double-layered media. But what I am really asking is if anyone had good results with single-layered media? I have no interest of using double-layered media in the near future.