BBC Watchdog slams Cactus Data Shield protection

I just posted the article BBC Watchdog slams Cactus Data Shield protection.

DVDyke used our newssubmit to tell us that the BBC did a TV article today on copy protection and how some CD’s were protected with the new Cactus Data Shield. Viewers were complaining that certain…

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The audio quality must also be inherantly lower due to the errors that are put there on purpose for the purposes of the protection.

I wish they would just leave us alone! Stop the ppl selling the counterfits on the street for 4 bucks not ppl sharing with friends who then will prolly buy the real cd too.

This Cactus Datashield is such a huge flop. The music company just broke its own leg. What has it done? It repels people who actually BUY the music because they are scared that it won’t play on their player AND it has aloes been pirated. I did a search on Morpheus for the CD with the protection and I found 50+ results. They are just left with less people buying CDs. Looks like the industry has been left with a smaller part of the pie than they started off with. I haven’t bought one CD in over 4 years, and I’m even more happy about it now after reading this article. Fuck the industry.

Sit Rufos sit.

The Music Industry Actually Thinks That This Greedy Shit Is Going To Get Them Somewhere,The Only Place It’s Going To Get Them Is Out Of A Job,When Everyone Finally Wise’s Up And Say’s Where Tierd Of Your Shit And Starts Boycotting The Whole Entertainment Industry.As Always Greed Will Be Their Downfall.They Actually Think That They Can Make People Start Buying CD’s Again By Taking Away Their Basic Rights Of Ownership Of The CD,By Keeping Them From Copying It.But That’s OK That’s What CloneCD Is For:8 I Hav’nt Bought A CD In Over 2 Years nor Will I Until The Industry Stops Being So Incredibly Greedy.Until Then I Have Morpheus and WinMX:d <P>:dFuck The RIAA,and The Whole Entertainment Indutry.:d</P>

I say we file a Class Action law suite against all record companies who release these protected products and against the companies who produce such schemes. I want back my tax money that the record companies are getting from the purchase of CD-Rs i buy… Everyone else should to!