BBC wants help developing open source video codec

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  GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the BBC has demoed  a very early version of its new open source video codec at the Linuxworld  exhibition today. The Dirac video codec which...
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uhhg… another codec to learn about and help the idiots of the web configure. yay format wars!

Isn’t DiVX/XViD good enough?!

Maybe they should just help to finalize Theora codec

That’s what I want to see, a comparison with Xvid. Divx isn’t open source.

Aha! If I read the specifications right this is a new in development video codec from low res video conferencing to HDTV(1980x1080) whereas theora/xvid/divx circa 704x576 is intended for use on existing standard pal/ntsc broadcast tv sets at present. This codec would be handy for the new blueray standard video discs coming circa mid to late '05. So someone is thinking forward here for the arrival of blueray optical disc recorders!

Still, Xvid can do those resolutions…just have to wait for a comparsion, and see if they’ve wasted time creating a new “standartd”.

Im shocked by some of the negativity here on this subject! Xvid is an excellent codec - hell i use it more than anything else! But something will supercede it and without people developing and testing new codecs this will never happen. We all want speed, quaility etc with our movies and such but many seem unwilling to even atempt to adopt or embrace a new codec - just because its new!!! We’ll end up stuck in the dark ages if we don;t progressively develop codecs etc for the future

Long as its open-source I’m all for it. Like Aktiv8 said, we need development. Though XviD is working allright today, these things change very rapidly. Heck, a year and a half ago people were still using DivX.

The BBC (via Kingswood Warren) develop so many technologies that are often sold to 3rd parties (other tv networks) or given away for the good of all - this is just ione thing and coming from them I expect it to be class.