BBC News: Piracy on the up

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Adam used our newssubmit to tell us about an article on the BBC news web page. His thoughts about this article:

There is a lot of nonsense in it, particularly about ‘£1bn’ loses (copies…

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Hehe :slight_smile: Er… Yes, he is correct. CDR’s do degrade over time … About 90years!! Can’t believe they are selling that old one. It’s not exacly VHS2VHS these days eh. 99.9% digital copies to and from optical media. Hmm … where might this degradation be then?

[self destructing cdr’s?] LOL, register now or your cd wil destroy itself.

I think he means that they have programmed the game to develope “bugs” if it thinks it is a pirate. I read about that someplace. Clearly it doesn’t work, since many of us have been playing it for a long time! The fact of the matter is this, the publishers are the problem here. They charge too much for titles, even when they are full of bugs and need to be patched. If games were £20, more or less, could I really be bothered downloading them? Would I risk buying them from some shady dealer at a market? I don’t think so. They forget people would actually prefer an original in most cases.

Just half the price of an original, I’ll buy it then. But if they keep prices up like fl.100,- a crappy game, I’ll stick to pirated copies… :d

yeah i agree with Evil_Ally games just don’t seem worth £35 - where as they do seem worth about £20 for the original with nice case and manual etc. :slight_smile:

Funny that pirating is on the increase when computer sales are going into a big low,like more people are buying petrol but for less cars!Yeah AS IF,just more old bulls%it :d

The self-degrading application type of protection is a problem. Currently, if your copy fails the verification test it won’t install or won’t play. These new protection systems have less obvious failures. They will install and play but important game elements are modified if the verification check fails. Opponents become invulnerable randomly, weapons disappear, keys missing, random crashes, etc. Basicly, you think the copy is ok but it’s not. The end result is that you waste more time verifying that your warez are functional. :frowning:

I remember back in the old days (gees makes me look real old now :7) when Leisure Suit Larry 1 was released, there was this hacked version that got released into the scene. When you would reach the 202 (maximum) points, you would see a big nuclear-blast and your harddrive would be erased. Ofcourse this wasn’t with the normal version, but it scared a lot of people so they bought the original version… Again, this is some years ago and the scene has changed a lot (to the better!). But I fail to see something like this happen again. Copies are almost 100% identical now… And besides… we’re still alowed to make our own backup… Still wondering if these copy-protections aren’t taking away your rights for doing that…

In my experience the people who suffer more than them that use there copies the most are them that buy the originals as they have the problems of typing in codes etc. and even when other protections are used they often affect both copies and originals

Me and my friends have an “understanding” instead of selling pirate games, we are traders. If one of us buys a game or gets ahold of it otherwise he is obligated to burn a copy for us all. And if it is a kewl game, we will all usually work on finding a way to crack it. Nothing wrong with that is there…