BBC knows cabbies know everything

Watch this guy, he’s brilliant!

LONDON, May 14, United Press International
In a case of mistaken identity, a London cab driver was pulled into a BBC television studio for a live interview about the Internet music business.

With the seconds ticking down to a discussion about a court case involving Apple Computer and The Beatles’ record label, a floor manager had run to lobby and grabbed the man. The BBC worker mistook the cabbie for Guy Kewney, editor of, a specialist Internet publication, The Mail reported.

Baffled, but compliant, the cab driver was fitted with a microphone and allowed himself to be marched in to the studio. Cameras rolled, and he was quizzed live on the air by consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman – who missed the cabbie’s panic-stricken expression when he realized he was being interviewed.

The man gamely attempted to bluff his way through and, speaking in a strong French accent, sustained a – somewhat illogical – form of conversation. A tape of the exchange on the News 24 channel, broadcast on Monday morning, has become a classic among BBC workers.

The taxi driver “seemed as baffled as I felt,” said Kewney who had watched the interview on a monitor in the reception area.

United Press

Yet another example that fully justifies my opinons about mankind. :rolleyes:

See that swirly thing, over near the plughole? That’s the future :iagree:

hahahahaha, classic!, this guy is a true legend lol

Update today!
The Guy (that’s both their names) on TV isn’t a cab driver. He is an educated man with a BSA in networking and the was there for a job interview for a position as IT-tech for BBC. He’s from Congo and shares the first name with Kewney, which is why he replied ‘yes’ when asked if he was Guy [Kewney].
The missconception that he was a cab driver seems to stem from Kewney’s rather narrow outlook. Read his blog and see for yourself.

Kewney is an ass.