BBC/Channel 4 downloads - can I burn to dvd?

Does anyone know if it is possible to burn to DVD the new free (so-called) programmes from these broadcasters web sites - I have just downloaded the Ch 4 software? I would be v grateful for any tips- thnx in anticipation beemacdee;):wink:

Unfortunately, as the programmes are protected by DRM (copy protection), you will need a tool specialising in converting DRM protected video to be able to transfer any to DVD.

From what I’ve heard, Tunebite Platinum will carry out the conversion, but this program needs to be purchased (priced at €30). You can get a demo version from the website which will try converting 60 seconds worth, so if this works for you, it’ll be worth getting this tool.

If you get Freeview in your area, a better alternative would be to purchase a DVB-T tuner, which you can pick up for as little as £20. You can schedule the tuner software to record programmes, but unlike the downloads, the video quality is of higher quality and is not crippled with DRM copy protection either, so you can easily convert these to DVD. :slight_smile:

Thanks sean for this info - I already record Freeview - my house is on a hill with good reception from Emley Moor via a triple aerial in the loft - but these new downloads promise to provide all the back catalogue which I am keen to obtain so as to archive them. I will look into it further and thanks again for yr help Brian McD

Hm, sounds interesting.
With FreeView you mean DVB-T actually, right?

I can receive all the BBC channels only via sat, but at least I can receive them. :wink:

What specific transmissions/content are you interested in?

Hi Chef - my main hobby is building a dvd library of good films and TV programs.
I have been recording DVB-T as part of this - as soon as I found that I could tune in OK to the broadcasts.
Last weekend my paper said that Channel 4 was going to make all its back catalogue available for free download (in about a month) which took my eye.
I watched a prog yesterday from C4 using 4OD over the web but thought that the quality was not good enough to then archive on to DVD. I have got “Tunebite” from tpb which says it can remove all DRM from these broadcasts but maybe i dont need it.
I belong to Lovefilm for the bulk of my activity and have accumulated > 2700 discs to date. If you are wondering why this is my big interest, it is because I live in a wheelchair all the time (both lower legs amputated) and this really does take up a lot of my day and is thoroughly interesting (and v useful to my grandchildren!!). My next move this autumn is to upgrade my sat Rx (an old crappy Force with a fault) and start on some Euro recording… Brian McD

Hi Brian,

nice to hear that youhave found a hobby that fits your interest.
In case you wanna kinda recommendation for a new sat rx or similar you may send me a pm anytime.

Best Regards!