BBC backs Ogg Vorbis, the open source MP3 alternative

I just posted the article BBC backs Ogg Vorbis, the open source MP3 alternative.

VNUnet is reporting that the BBC is now also offers stream in the Ogg Vorbis format, the open source competitor for MP3. The development of the format has once been started because of the patents…

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How can ogg be the “open source alternative” when lame is open source. Stupid. I don’t dig ogg anyway. Bat eared people can grip about this that and the other. Fact is, mp3 is the standard, it is widely available and my hardware plays it.

Thats coz lame is just a way of encoding mp3 files, thats why your hardware plays it coz its still mp3 format! Yes mp3 is the standard and Fraunhofer know this and that why they want to chrage for it, so this ogg is good news!

MachoMan, Lame doesn’t cost any money and it’s superior to the Fraunhofer codec. What’s the point? You open source zealots that hate paying for hard work hate something that’s open source and free?!?!

Yeah it’s pretty cool. Many new Games does also use OGG now.