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What’s the difference between 7200 rpm ata hard drive and ultra 7200 rpm serial ata hard drives, thanks

The former uses older parallel ata technology while the latter uses serial ata which is faster. If you have an older motherboard, you will not be able to use the newer serial ata hard drive without an additional controller card.

And in most cases the theoretical speed advantage from SATA never comes true. Also, some SATA drives, such as Seagate, need a special power adapter and if it wasn’t clear SATA uses a different data cable as well.

Unless I am mistaken, arn’t most common sata drives out thier just pata drives that have been adapted on the drive, negating the speed advantage you might get from sata, or are they not doing that anymore?

Most are but some are designed as SATA. Even so, the speed advantage doesn’t seem to be there yet, although there are some new drives that are showing increased performance. It appears as though these benefits are not related to SATA but to other improvements.

Western Digital hard drives come with both power attachments (SATA and regular MOLEX) and are quieter than anything else I’ve got. I have Seagate & Samsung drives as well, but the WD are my favourite b/c they are so quiet :slight_smile:

For US$89 delivered, you can get 250GB.


Dalen, Chas, Ripit and Riggits—thank you!

nope. anything bought this year should be proper SATA. IIRC even the seagate 7200.7 is natively SATA, and it’s ancient.

looks like a sweet deal. how do you feel about the reconditioned drives? i have a maxtor 250gb i bought brand new that i’m about to return.

I’ve bought reconditioned drives and had no issues with them in the past. One reconditioned Seagate I bought in 1998 is STILL working fine. :slight_smile:

IMO, the WD are very quiet. The Seagate I have sounds like a typewriter when it’s writing. I can’t even hear the WD.

Maxtors are the worst currently available drive. All of my suppliers complain about the quality, and returns are very high. Check the forums at,, and practically anywhere else: Maxtor is to be avoided.
OTOH Seagates are nice (a little noisy) and Samsungs are excellent, but WD is the quietest and has both kinds of power connectors. Plus, you can’t beat that price. It looks like they’re back in stock now.

I’ve got to side with you there. The ratings on them on all sites on the drive produced by Maxtor within the last year or so are far from impressive. I am personally partial to the Seagates since they come stock with a 5 year warranty and are the quietest drives on the market. As for reconditioned, that IMHO is a gamble that is not worth taking unless you are saving at least 50% of the new retail cost. You don’t always know who reconditioned the drive and what quality standards were applied to get it back into working condition. I have had very mixed experiences with re-conditioned/re-furbished models.

My Seagates sound like little gnomes with hammers chipping away from inside my Sonata case :stuck_out_tongue: It’s about the loudest sound in the computer room…
FYI the WD link I put here earlier is directly from WD, and reconditioning is by WD. I’ve never bought a recon drive, but if I needed more storage I’d def. buy direct from the manufacturer for this price. 3-yr warranty isn’t as good as Seagate, but still pretty good.
I have a 1.2TB RAID setup, and if I had a choice every single drive would be WD just for the low noise.

Thanks, re the WD recon drives. Which one is preferred though, the regular or the SATA for $10.00 more? I guess I just don’t understand what SATA will/can do for me?
Some say that there is not a real speed advantage. Thanks,

Well, I have to say I’m disappointed with Western Digital myself. I’ve had a 160GB Caviar SE for 3 months, it’s now just making a clicking noise and not showing up as a drive. I can’t even run a diagnostic on it. The Seagate drives in my Macs have never done that. I guess I know what brand I’m going back to!

Fry’s is having an 80 gig 7200 PATA Seagate on sale for $20 after $35 MIR. Hope this is relevant to this thread

SATA cables are more like wires than cables, and the connectors are easy to use and solid (ie, no more bent PATA pins). Airflow in your case can be vastly improved. There’s no more Master/Slave crap to worry about, & concurrent disk accesses are much faster b/c there’s no master/slave priority, everything is independent. If you get a good motherboard, you’ll get SATA II ability (doubled max transfer speed), and SATA II drives are about the same price as SATA I units.

I bed to differ concerning the cables. I have had 6 RMAs on 2 drives and tried 5 different cables in an attempt to get a reliable connection at the drive. I NEVER had a problem with any IDE cable. The assorted tech people agree that the cables are very touchy.

there’s a huge difference between good and bad cables. Just get the good ones, and you’ll be OK. The SATA II cables are much better, that’s what I would use if I had any SATA II drives.

Whats your opinions on Samsung (ata133) drives, are they quiet & reliable, i’m thinking about buying one, already have a maxtor and i do here it whirring around.