BB Fuji -DVD;how to tell diff. manuf.?



BB has Fuji +/- 100pk of DVD’s on sale. According to, -8x media can be Fuji, Prodisc or TY’s. Is there some way to tell based on packaging which one’s they’re selling without opening the package?



Yes; look for the country of origin printed on the packaging and on the discs themselves. If it’s Japan, it will be TY. If Taiwan it’s either Prodisc or Fujifilm.


And for the 50 and 100 count spindles, TY has a distinctive ‘cake box’ bottom.Just in case Fuji decides to use another MIJ manufacturer.


Here’s a good look at what a TY cakebox looks like:


thanks so much for your replies. Now I just have to convince myself that I really need more media.

Current count:

Verbatim +R 8x: 450
Verbatim -R 8x: 200
Fuji MIJ +R 8X: 150
Maxell -R 8X: 100
Maxell +R 8X: 200
Taiyo Yuden -R 8X: 300 grade “a”
Taiyo Yuden -R “4X”: 200 grade “b”
assorted ritek, prodisc 8X -R

I’m have a sickness, help me… :bigsmile:


don’t worry, you’re not the only one around here with the “sickness”. :wink:


Don’t know about the rest of you that have bought Fuji TY-T02 +Rs but…
I think fuji raided TY’s trash dumpster to get the discs. If I hadn’t had used the good TY stuff before I would say no more TYs for me. The quality on most of the Fujis are awful!
The Sonys and Tdks that I have are I think “B” grade and OK. Very few will give as good of scans as each and every Plextor brand TYs.

Just my .02 cents worth, Your mileage may very.


the fuji DVD+Rs don’t overspeed well to 16X but at 8X and 12X they’re just fine for me. this is having used discs from 3 diff 100pks and 7 diff 25pks. plextor has first dibs on TY media and all their discs are top quality, but not worth $3/piece which is what they go for here in the US (5pk for $15 most places).


I bought a 100 pk of Fuji TY T02’s and they have been terrific for me, very good scans not a coaster. The Sony’s as well, some were Ricohjpn’s others Sony D11’s all terrific w/ my ND-3500. Maybe your firmware needs updating to recognize more media.


BB Fujifilm-TY02 seem to be ok but not great


I live in a warm/dry state. All the YUDEN000 T02s have been superb, including the 1125 batch. If you are unhappy with your tub of Fuji, then contact the mfr for a replacement tub.


I don’t think living in a warm dry state has anything to do with much. They are made and shipped from far away and it takes time for them to arrive. Alot can happen. I assume you live in the US?


Those YUDENs are made in Japan and probably come in thru the port of Long Beach in California. I’ve seen DVDs stored in un-airconditioned warehouse where the temperature can drop outside the normal storage temp of -5 to 55C (23 to 123F).


Exactly,that’s why i said what i said :wink: And who knows what the temp is on the ship :eek: So what does it matter where you live? The damage is already done before they get here to the US. You don’t think they are in a climate controlled atmosphere before they get to your state do you?


What…Do they fly theSony,TDK and Plextor brand TYs in a temp controlled air plane, and straight to the stores??? I did Q-scan on over 400 Fujis and kept the ones that had TE/FEs ok for 16x, that was about 65 discs. The rest I took back to best buy and got Memorex Made in India 8x. I have burnt about 6 so far at 12x and they have great Quality scores with low PIFs and PIEs.


Wow, only 65 of 400 TY’s were good? That sucks! They must have been stored in the ships boiler. :wink: You burned them at 16x, I’ve done a few at 16x and they were just fine, but I usually burn at 8x, the 4 min. extra doesn’t bother me, it’s quality I’m after.
I’m surprised that you prefer Memorex, these have serious quality issues because they use so many different manufacturers, lots of complaints if you read the threads. You say that they were manufactured in India? Are they Moser Bears? I’ve heard they are excellent but have never seen them in the States.


I don’t expect the ship’s cargo bay temp to drop below freezing or above 123F. Ask anyone who has lived by the water.


I have burned TY-T02s at 16x with good scans and play fine on both a 301 disc and a 400 disc Sony players. They are picky about the burn quality of the media you use in them. Most of the time I burn media at 8X or 12X, depends on the media.
The Memorex media that I got at Best Buy was made in India, 50 packs. Media id below and scan. (I hope)


Nice. MB I think it’s those Moser Baer’s that I heard about. Do they say made in India on the spindle? Where did you get them?


Yep, they have Made in India on the label. I got these at Best Buy. I heard the CompUSA also carries them.