BB FUJI 25 PK 9.99 + or - 1-23 to 1-29

Thanks for the response htownteg, i’ll pick them up since they are supposedly TY t02 and are very good media by what people talk about. And why not get them at a sale price:). My first purchase of dvd’s was the sony 50 spindle (+R) that was on sale a few weeks ago.

i have 2 benq1620’s (and a 1633s)and your right i can burn @ 16x, but not at 8x quality (see benq media scan thread). when i burn my ty’s @ 8x i typically get pie under 8 and totals under 8k, pif at either 1 or may be 2 and totals under 80. i want those kinda number for 16x … i do burn @ 12x and 16x but never come up with those kinda numbers. quality is the most important thing for my when i do dvd backups. :wink:

the one that’s made in Japan are Yuden. The one that’s in taiwan are prodisc

Yeah, after my luck with the last 3 50 packs of Fuji TY discs, I don’t care if they are selling them at 10 cents a pop, I’M NOT BUYING!!! Yeah, maybe I am paying too much at 60 cents a pop for the actual TY discs from rima but at least they don’t have spotting in the dye. :wink: That and my area seems to be flooded with nothing but Taiwanese made media anyways, so it’s not like I can just exchange the store media for other discs.

so far all the Fuji TY’s I have are great, I get an average 97% in quality score!!!
No complaints here!!!:smiley:

hey Jesterrace!!! I’m curious what fw are you using? And at what speed are you burning?

What burner and firmware are you using?

I use the Benq dw1620 with B7P9 fw!!!

It’s nothing to do with burner and firmware. It has to do with factory defective discs. I went through 3 spindles that came out of the packaging with spotting in the dye. As if that weren’t enough I returned them and got in on the 4x DVD-R Maxell special at Office Depot, I bought 6 spindles and all 6 spindles had some form of spotting in the dye and a few even had some grubby fingerprints on them. Once again this was simply by checking the discs right after I got them. So that works out to well over 250 discs from the store (8x TYG02 DVD-R and 4x MXL DVD-R) that were bad from the factory. I have ordered numerous packs of Ritek G04 DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R over the last couple of years and have never had a single one defective from the factory. I did have one defective G03 (my first introduction to the joys of spotty discs) in my very first pack of DVD-R that I ordered (which came from allmediaoutlet) but I since switched to rima and newegg and have never had a problem since. Take a look at my "what are the f****** odds thread down in the media forum and you will see some examples of the quality of the discs that I got (I took pics). They are pics of the MXL discs but the fuji TYs were the exact same way (barring the fingerprints).

Recently bought those fuji from BB, burned fine but did a error check with dvdinfo and WHAM!! errors up the wahzoo? Media code is YUDEN000T02. Burned with a hp300i burner. First time I’ve had TY, thought they were supposed to be the best? Only cost $10, but am a little aggrevated that they seem to be junk. The dvd plays fine as of right now, hoping it doesn’t die in the future…

is the HP300i a rebadged drive? other media scans fine?

umm you might want to try a more
reputable scanning software. if you have any of a range of drives cdspeed can give you real information about the quality of the disc.

Is there a way for me to know who the manufacturer is without opening the case and taking the drive out? This is all I know about it…

Philips or NEC

Just buy Made In Japan. :slight_smile:

dude he is talking about the drive not the discs…

i would go
HERE and look at the firmware you have and match it with the drives listed there. it shows a 4char group with letters is phillips and a 3 digit group all numbers nec from what i see but go check and you will find what you are looking for

Your right I missed that. :o :slight_smile: