BB FUJI 25 PK 9.99 + or - 1-23 to 1-29

title says it all
my luck with this media has been TY t02

BB has had nothing but fuji sales this whole month…first the 100pk for $39.99 the week thereafter 50pk for $19.99 and now the 25pk for $9.99 :eek: what do you guys think…should i keep stocking up on these? How rare are TYs nowadays…

I wonder if something new is going to hit the market or is media prices going to hit rock bottom real shortly. :confused:

I’m so used to Fuji at 40cents/disc that this hardly seems like a sale Good price, want to buy more, don’t need more, Arrgggh :Z

same here but i am betting that i have a few more than most :slight_smile:

wow thats a lot of media…

You’ve increased your share of MCC and TY media recently. :slight_smile:


YUDEN000T02 for US$0.4 is nothing cheap. It’s just that people who buy YUDEN000T02 for more are hmmmm paying too much. BestBuy and Fujifilm are doing good marketing I think.

cnlson…you need help…wow :slight_smile:

BB just don’t seem to get away from that price for some reason no matter what quantity except for the $3.99/25 deal awhile back.

your right. fuji ty stuck @ $.40/disc… i’d luv to see the 16x stuff out there at this price.

I don’t get why people say this when with a with a good drive you can burn the 8x fuji @ 16 without a problem. :confused:
I know I do with my 3500. :slight_smile:

But 16x@16x is usually faster than 8x@16x and the quality is at least a little better. :slight_smile:

Personally, I do not buy 16x media (except for rare tests). My favorite type I recommend is YUDEN0000T02 sold under some popular brand names: Fujifilm, Samsung, Fusion, Verbatim, That’s, and so on. In South Korea, three major distributors are competing in the same YUDEN000T02 market: Fusion (traditional monopoly) vs. Verbatim vs. Fujifilm vs. That’s.

hahaha, why need a 16X media when most burner can burn these TY media at 16X

Does verbatim sell TY? I always hear that name thrown in the air but never really paid attention to the brand. Do I determine the quality from where its made? (i.e japan)

Most burners = LG #1, TSST #2, Lite-On IT #3. None of them burn 8x TY at 16x. BenQ and NEC are not “most” of the 16x DVD writer manufacturers. And the reason they introduced 16x burning for 8x DVD media was because of the lack of 16x media.

Also, not all YUDEN000T02 are equal. That was the main reason why the top three largest DVD writer manufacturers somehow “missed” 16x speed for YUDEN000T02.

Hm… wasn’t it just some months ago when most people were complaining about the lack of YUDEN000T02 media in the US (and laughing at people who buy YUDEN000T02)? And now you laugh at people who want real 16x media. :sad:

Yes, made in Japan. Here they are.

One of eleewhm’s scan. LG at 8x.

Hi, new to this, is the Fuji you guys are talking about this “Fuji 25-Pack 2.4x DVD+R Disc Spindle” at best buy? Even though it is ony 2.4x? Just wondering thanks!!

that’s a fantasic burn, never seen PIF score that low before. I’m curious at what speed was that media burned!!!

they website is always wrong about the speed, don’t ask me why…but they’re 8x