BB Dynex (Ritek R03) +R's $4.50 for 25 pcs



just got back from my best buy. dynex dvd +r 8x (ritek r03) 25 pac r on clearance for $4.99 less your bb 10 % coupon = $4.50 for 25 pcs no rebates required. i picked up the last 8 pacs. great for beater disc’s. my 1620 burns these great. although rtiek is not known for quality.


If you could, please post a Burst/sum8 scan, sum1 (PIF) and read transfer graph to let us see how they burn. If you also use a different write strategy to burn these on your BenQ1620, please be kind enough to supply that, too. :wink:

It is true that Ritek’s quality seems to vary a lot these days. Also, I thought I had read someone wasn’t thrilled about the Dynexs they got from BB.


They are pretty good on 1620, especially at 8x. There are some quality scans here.


thx, ag009. :bigsmile:

Those 1st and 3rd PIE graphs are typical Ritek burns, whereas the low PIF (290-350 range) is not (typical for Ritek Ridata 8x dvd-r is 650-2200 for me). Jitter was always very good on even my RitekG05 burns, tho.


These discs use a very dark dye, resulting in more scattered errors during reading and elevating PIE levels. Low PIFs tell me that the discs don’t have any macro defects; at least the ones I’ve seen so far from two 50-packs. Of course, we don’t know what quality (if any) Best Buy specified when ordering media for their in-house Dynex brand, but even with some risk involved, this is well worth 18 cents a piece.


I wansn’t aware that companys could alter the quality of the media code, does that mean Sony +MIJ Yudens could be of lesser or better quality than unbranded Tys with the same media code? I am not saying you are wrong, I am just trying to learn, I thought the quality of Ty media was the same no matter what brand or store it came from.


I have R03 4X under Ridata brand, they are truly crap, I guess those are the newer 8X version of R03 because the 4X R03, max speed burn on my BenQ at 12X, but even burnt at 8X, very crappy quality


Alan, agent009 was talking about the mid Ritek R03s as Dynex 8x DVD+R from Best Buy. :iagree:


Most manufacturers have different grades of media and sell them as such. Taiyo Yuden Premium discs, for example, can have same MID as lesser ones (eg. Fuji MIJ) but will probably overspeed and burn much better. That’s my experience, anyways
I even have 200 MCC003 that burn worse than most of my DAXON AZ2 (crap) discs… they were rebranded as DigitalHQ and sold as 4x discs. DVDinfo says they claim to be up to 8x burnable. The box says 4x, but the media itself says 8x.


Thats what I don’t understand. I know he was talking about Dynex but if Dynex does it how do I know other manufact. don’t do it. Like the above post said, his Fuji Tys burn better than other tys with the same media code. Is that a dye lot thing or can a company order a lesser quality disc from a company like Taiyo Yuden and have the same media code as the better quality one. Again, I am not saying anyone is wrong, I am trying to learn.


Are those MCC003 branded Verbatim or something else.


Most disc manufacturers (such as Ritek in case of Dynex-branded discs) test and grade media. I say most because I’ve seen discs are so horrible that I wonder if they went through any process that deserves to be called quality control :a Anyway, media that doesn’t pass isn’t always discarded or recycled because some of it may be quite useable, and can be sold at a discount, with or without branding.

When a large retailer like Best Buy decides to sell its own brand of media, it places an order with a manufacturer selected according to some criteria which are not known to us. If their goal is to make a quick, dirty buck, customers be damned, they will order a million pieces of the cheapest, crappiest media from the lowest bidder. If their goal is to create a semi-respectable in-house brand, they will go to a decent manufacturer (Ritek certainly is one) and order a higher grade. Since we don’t know what Best Buy was trying to do, there is some risk involved in buying Dynex media.

It appears that I’ve got two good 50-packs. However, this is a very small sample and it doesn’t mean all of them will be that good. But, at 18 cents a disc, it’s not an unreasonable bet.


here’s a scan of dynex (ritek r03) burn on benq 1620. firmware b7u9. nero burned @ 8x.


here’s a scan of dynex (ritek r03) burn on nec 3540 (mdmm rebadge). firmware 1w4. nero burned @ 8x.


The way the companies handle the discs in distribution is most likely the cause for the variations in quality (see the Fuji TY “spotting” problem).