BB Dec 26-Jan 1; Fuji 4x @ $0.40, Verbatim 8x @ $0.56, Memorex 8x @ $0.60

Best Buy weekly ad circular

Fuji 100 4x #25302200/2532100 $39.99
Verbatim 50 8x #94930/94984 $27.99
Memorex 25 8x #32025606/32025596 $14.99

search for the # for details

Thanks richardd!

Will run out and buy some Verbatim. Only TY can compete with Verbatim when burning with NEC3500 using the original 2.18 firmware.

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This sale sux. When is verbatim, gonna go down in price?

verbatim 50 pk @bb were 19.99 a few weeks ago for+ or - i got both. the + were mcc003 i havent even opened the - yet

just got back from bb. fuji +r’s are 8x made in japan (ty’s). they also had the 8x made in taiwan. the ty cake boxes have no lip on bottom and say made in japan.

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The Fuji 4x are really TY 8x?

goto bb brick/mortar. fuji media on sale will be 100 cnt cake box 8x. chck for manufactured in japan. +r’s will be ty’s.

I picked up a 100 pack of the Fuji +R’s at Best Buy today. Yes this pack does have a different cake box. The 50 pack I bought some time ago have that ribbed borrom to them. This 100 pack did not. But the 100 pack does have the tell tale bulge at the bottom of the plastic outer cover. It does say Made In Japan and 8x.

Mine are YUDEN000 T02.

any -R tys?

i strictly do +r’s, didn’t look that closely for the -r variety.

The -Rs showed signs of being TYs: the bulge and made in Japan. I haven’t done the media check yet and have no experience with Fuji’s, so I’m not entirely sure.

Does anyone have a picture of what the ty cake boxes should look like compared to what they shouldnt?

Mission accomplished :bigsmile:

YUDEN000 T02.

i’ve been using these exclusively with my benq 1620 great burns @ 8x and @ 12x.

Not even a good deal at all. Fuji 4X = CMC and it costs $0.40? expensive. And Verbatim at $0.56? Dude, sometimes sony or fujifilm 8X goes on sale for $19.99 for a spindle of 50 and they both are made in japan, way better than verbatim made in taiwan.

I’ve never heard of Fuji 4x made in Taiwan being CMC, only Ricoh (+R) and Prodisc (-R). As for the 8x, it can be Taiyo Yuden, Prodisc, or Ricoh. As most of the posts have said, the stores will probably have Fuji 8x at the sale price, so I’d say it’s a good deal.

As Two Degrees stated, the stores will have the sales price on the 8x.At my local Best Buy I picked up a spindle(Fuji) yesterday (same sku as the 4x) for $39.99.

I picked up 3x50 8X Fuji +R (YUDEN T02) and 1x50 -R, which appear to be Yudens as well. Mission accomplished indeed.

I scored a 100 pack of YUDEN000 T02 FUJI 8X +R at Best Buy just now. $39.95 plus tax. To think I got my last 100 pack from Newegg a couple months ago for $69.95 plus tax, plus shipping thinking THAT was a good deal. :slight_smile: Not sure WHY I got more when I still have most of the others still. But its a good deal on TY media. :iagree: Great match for my PIODATA’ed Pioneer DVR-108 with bit-setting. These disks are great for backing up your hard drive to. Very reliable. 16X reading with nearly any DVD ROM drive thanks to the bit-setting to DVD-ROM.