Baywatch Song

i need the name of a song from an episode of baywatch. i do not know the name of the episode. in the episode, young hobie falls in love with a girl, he takes her to a place called lovers cove, they get rescued. later hobie realizes that the girl has some disease due to which she will live for only about 1 year or so. the number comes when he is taking her to the cove i think.

can anyone help me with this one :slight_smile:

Hmm, I dont think enough epople watch Baywatch for the plot for them to remember such minute details. :bigsmile: Sorry, not much help…

I remember that Hobie from Baywatch (Jeremy Jackson) made a song called “You can run”… is it that song?

no that is not it. its just that i loved the number when i heard it.

It’s called River of Time by Lauren Christy. You can find it on Itunes.