Baytrail Intel mini x86 Streaming Media Player or MINI PC?



Android’s about to get some competition from WinTel based PC’s to serve as streaming media players /set top box for HD/UHD Tv’s…

you can find them on Amazon and specialty sites like
apparently, ebay sellers have very high prices as they jump on the NEW product bandwagon.

Both the Amlogic/Rockchip android and Intel procesors are clocking in under 2.5ghz so far and sport 400 - 650 MHz GPU’s… plenty for HD/UHDTV streaming/decoding apparently.

I hope these products get more ram… they could definitely use a ram upgrade from 1/2gb to 4-16gb of ram. One selling point is that most of the Intel based SMP’s begin with 32gb of SD memory vs 4-16 with the android boxes-- apparently due to the high storage req’s of Windows 8.1’s O/S & updates.


The Livas look pretty good too:

Newegg had one for $100 the other day!


They look interesting for sure. My first media player was a WDTV Live with all the user tweaks and add ons, worked great at the time and forced me to setup a wired network and learn how to do it and tweak win7 to work properly with. Then I got a Pivos Aios box that has more power and mods, and recently a ARM based Tronsmart Vega Elite S89-H which is a high spec Android box with 2 and 16 gig. It does a lot but my standalone Aios still plays smoother but doesn’t have all the extra options and possibilities the Android box does, plus I’m sure with more tweaking and updates any playback issues will get sorted.
Was looking at those tiny windows based boxes and it would also make a great media player and possible Media Center box and playback should be very smooth. I have noticed with the S89h that some players do a much better job then others so I’ve been messing with SBMC and Plex for now because of all the extra goodies it can show about your media clips, but some of the standalone players are smoother and I bet these windows based boxes will be similar and have plenty of mods and tweaks.
Too bad all my toy money was spent on the Tronsmart or I might have tried one of these lil guys out and still might down the road as funds and there development continue.
I would say 2 gig of memory is pretty light, even my lowly PC has 8 gig and I’d like to go even more seeing how I have a 64 bit OS, and rumor is those win boxes will be doing 64 bit as well shortly.



I think the windows boxes have more potential because of claims of the onboard DX11 compatability and HD 5000 GPU. Some light gaming and access to drivers for USB peripherals are game changing. It’s been 3+ years and Google’s android OS (even ver 5.0) has yet to bridge some major gaps in it’s OS driver support! No wonder Microsoft has an opportunity here in the ultra light mini pc (media streaing box) market and windows tablets. The tronsmart AW80’s have a 4gb ram version, so I suspect there will be 4gb WinTel box versions around the corner (by September/October). Pricing is still in flux due to market conditions and the west coast port shutdown. Sofar no idea when there might be 8gb versions of these media streamers-- definitely 2016 or beyond since DDR mfgs are soo greedy and have not cut their prices much in over 5 years!

On another note… Intel is releasing NUC mini computers which have proprietary micro PCI and SATA slots along with SODIMM slots. The main problem with this is cost… these boxes are around $200+ BARE… stacked with all the goodies can bring it up to $450. Not really ideal price range. An ultra light laptop with hdmi out would be a better idea even if it was utilizing 35 watts instead of 50 - 65 for the avg latptop.

My budget for a wintel box is $80 - $150 tops. I’m hoping for a 4gb/64gb version on the high end. As of now the best to be had is 2gb/64gb for around $130 - $150. I can probably wait since I can plug in my tablet via hdmi if I want to display video on the TV screen. Just about the only thing my tablet can’t do is the ultra 4k video, but I don’t have a 4k tv anyway. Only my PC monitor is 1080p.


I had an opportunity to play around with the $59 Wintel tablet from Microcenter with the following specs:

CPU Core:Quad-Core
CPU Speed: 1.33GHz
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
16GB Total Memory
Display Resolution 1280x800
Display Size 7"
Display Features: Capacitive Touch Screen; 5-Point Multi-Touch;
Display Type: IPS LCD Touch Screen
Front Camera: 2 Megapixel
Rear Camera: 2 Megapixel
G-Sensor, Light Sensor
Bluetooth 4.0
micro HDMI, microSD, micro USB, USB 2.0 (Full Size)[/I][/B]

This tablet is basically a full computer that plays 1080p H.265 video files flawlessly. It was very peppy for just having 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage. The 8" ($99) and 10" ($199) versions of this tab have a full size USB 3.0 port, 2GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. Connect a USB hub to it along with a keyboard/mouse and this isn’t a half bad desktop computer! The future of Wintel boxes and tablets look pretty good to me.