Baught a gsa-4163b, a few question

I just baught a lg gsa-4163b. I so far love it. Just a few questions. I put the lg burner in my usb2 external enclosure, burned a dvd with it and seems fine. I later relized I had 102 firmware, and decided to update to 105 firmware. Is it ok, that I update the firmware while in the usb2 enclosure. Should I be concirned about using the usb2 enclosure. Everything seems to work well so far. Also is there any way to test the dvd for quality after burned, or this lg cant scan.

LG dont scan, you can run nero speed4.04 read transfer rate if the graph is linear then its good burn if it jumps up and down then its poor burn.

Hows these test look.

well it’s linear and clean, can’t ask for better.