Battlefront problem

I tried to make a backup from star wars battlefront with BW5Tweaker etc., but when i try to read th disc with bw5 and the settings of bw5tweaker it does not start. so i don’t know what to do



Could you please scan with Aray v2 and report the protection, so we can help you better.


Star Wars Battlefront is SecuRom, you shouldnt have any problem coping this using CloneCD, TwinPeak and a BWA file for CD 1

hope this helps!

ben :slight_smile:

Maybe this will be some help for you SecuROM 4.8+( using BW5Tweaker, BlindWrite5, TwinPeak method or Plextor Premium.

I used the settings described in this post.
i try with clonecd now, tell u later if it works.

good luck :slight_smile:

hi can any one help me in copying starwars battle front on the pc to work thanks

yes, use clonecd, twinpeak, and a bwa file.

ben :slight_smile:

hey, i got the same prob, i already tried to use alcohol and rmps, but it didnt work. So you say twinpeak and clonecd and the bwa file huh, okay, :slight_smile: i got all those, could you please tell me what to do next? or give me a link to something thatll say that

thanks ben got star wars working

how, which method did you use?

okay, lol, i used the bw5tweaker and blindwrite method that the link said, and it managed to burn. So i put it in the drive, and it starts to make the little animated disc cursor…for like 3 minutes, then it says, “Couldnt authenticate real cd within time limit” or something like that, i guess this means i burned it okay, but it wont let me run the game, is there some way to get past this? thanks all buddiez